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MetaChurch Life Teams

About Life Teams

Throughout the church's history, small gatherings of people meeting together have played a vital role in its existence. From the time of Jesus to today, these gatherings have transformed many lives and helped the church grow and reach thousands of people while giving the closeness of a connected community. At MetaChurch, we believe the title life teams best fits the vision of our movement’s relational communities. Life Teams are people who move toward one common goal with a collective vision and mission. 

At MetaChurch we believe that movements that move are movements that grow. Our Life Team's lead that charge to move. Every month each one our our life teams are out in our community serving needs of our neighbors. We grow this movement that Jesus started over 2,000 years ago by taking action outside the Sunday gathering. 

You can find out Life Team Directory by clicking the link below:


MetaChurch Life Team Directory 

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