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RAP Sheet December 8th, 2019

Series: What You Started

Message: A New Chapter


This week we saw the SUN STAND STILL in Joshua chapter 10!

Last week, Joshua messed up. He made a huge decision without seeking the Lord. This was a devastating moment for Israel. Once the deed was done, they now had to figure out how they would move forward.

Often when we mess up, we have a tendency to try and fix it all by ourselves. Joshua knew that he had gone against God's plan and could have easily tried to fix it FOR God instead of WITH God.

Have you ever really messed something that you weren't sure how to fix?

Perhaps you did something that seriously hurt a relationship, or made a careless mistake at work that cost the company money. Maybe you said hurtful words to your teenager and you are not sure how to mend that relationship.

In those moments we so desperately want a do-over or a fresh start; however, life does not normally work that way.

There was nothing Joshua could do to change the outcome of Chapter 9. All that he could do was turn a new page and start a new chapter. We can do this same thing, just not by ourselves!

The Big Idea for this message is: IF YOU WANT A NEW CHAPTER, YOU HAVE TO MAKE NEW CHOICES. Too often we try to fight fire with fire. If you have been too secretive in your marriage, coming up with a secret plan to fix it is NOT going to work. A New Chapter in your marriage requires a New Choice in how you interact. The only way to keep from repeating the same pattern is to start being completely forward and open with your spouse. This will open a new chapter and enable you to head toward redemption.


What area of your life are you desperate for a New Chapter in?

What choices got you into the mess and how could you change them?

In Chapter 10, Joshua sought the Lord, and God gave him the victory - BIG TIME! There were deadly hailstorms and a slow-down of the earth's rotation. God led Israel to victory against FIVE other nations. Joshua made New Choices and got a New Chapter - you can too!

What is one way that you will apply the truths of this week's message in your life?

What New Choice, (specifically), will you begin to make to lead you into a New Chapter?


Take some time to pray for God to show you how to move into a New Chapter in the areas where you are not living in alignment with His word. Pray for the members of your Life Team as they seek to bring hope to the people around them. Ask God for strength in applying His truth to our lives.

Finally, spend time thanking God for all the times he has helped us through difficult seasons of our life.


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