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RAP SHEET 1/21/24

Series: Barrier To Entry

Sermon: Nothing... Except!

Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-7

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather always wear slightly damp clothes or always have really dry skin?


This week, we continued our Barrier To Entry series with a message called, "Nothing... Except!" We looked at the story of the widow and Elisha in 2 Kings. The unnamed widow was experiencing a whole host of barriers to entry! She was an ancient woman (a barrier all by itself) who had lost her husband, who was the source of income, and now she was getting ready to lose either her home or her children as bondservants to cover the debt.

This was a lose-lose situation! Desperate, the woman went to the great prophet Elisha and asked for help. She went, hoping Elisha would have something to give her. Instead, he asked her what she had to offer. "What do you have in the house?" Elisha asked.

The widow's gut reaction came out first, "Nothing..." she replied. However, she recalled the one worthless thing to her name, "Nothing, except a jar of oil." This was not cooking oil or oil for a lamp - it was bathing oil, the most worthless option!

This passage teaches us a profound truth about breaking through our own barriers to entry! Often, it will appear that we have nothing to offer God. Too many Christ followers have counted out what God has given them and who God has made them, assuming away their gifts, talents, personalities, and resources. God was ready to use what the widow saw as an exception for a miracle!

Elisha had her go door to door, collecting as many containers as possible. This was done with vigor and intensity as lives were literally on the line. As more and more containers filled her home, the oil miraculously filled them all! The miracle continued until there were no empty vessels, and then the oil ran dry. The widow and her sons went and sold the oil and paid their debts.


This Sunday, we continued our quest to break down the one barrier to entry facing MetaChurch. Every brick removed is a recurring $50/month commitment, getting us one step closer to the Vision God has given us!

Elisha did not tell the widow how many containers to get. It became apparent she had to find every empty vessel possible. The miracle would not cease until every container was full!

Likewise, God is asking us to become empty vessels for his movement! To see our future come to fruition, we must make room in our lives to sacrifice for the movement of Jesus. As we continue to stay open, the miracle continues to flow!


It is easy to count yourself out or assume that what God has given you is not enough.

What things in your life have you convinced yourself are "nothing" of any value?

What causes you to question whether God could use your life for something significant?

Is there anything you feel like you are holding back from God?

How could you follow the widow's example of making everything you are and everything you have available to God?


Ask God to show you what your "small jar of oil" might be. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you all the gifts God has placed in you, and commit to using those gifts for His Movement.


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