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RAP SHEET 12/3/23

Series: Cancelled Conversations

Sermon: Relative vs Absolute

Scripture: Matthew 21:23-27

ICE BREAKER: What do you know is an OPINION, but you feel so strongly about it that it seems like a FACT? (Pastor Clayton's is that nuts do NOT belong on deserts!)


This week we closed out our Cancelled Conversations series by looking at the key facet of our culture's worldview that can creep in and keep us from following Jesus - RELATIVISM!

Scripture is based on the idea that there is such a thing as ABSOLUTE TRUTH and that God is the standard for that truth! This is the exact opposite of the idea that the culture has bought, that all truth is RELATIVE!

In other words, there is no absolute, objective truth. It's all relative to who you are, where you are, how you feel, or what is convenient for you. Modern philosophers see absolute truth as a suffocating religious weapon to keep people in compliance with made-up gods.

Atheist Rob Dreher makes this case in his book, "Live Not By Lies" when he says:

“The essence of modernity is to deny that there are any transcendent stories, structures, habits, or beliefs to which individuals must submit and that should bind our conduct. To be modern is to be free to choose. What is chosen does not matter; the meaning is in the choice itself. There is no sacred order, no other world, no fixed virtues and permanent truths. There is only here and now and the eternal flame of human desire. Volo ergo sum—I want, therefore I am.”

This form of thinking goes all the way back to the first lie! Satan temped Eve by causing her to question what God (the ABSOLUTE truth) said and whether God really had her best interest in mind. Adam and Eve had to decide whether God truly was the source of truth or if they could make up their own version of reality and defy God's command.

We are faced with this same circumstance all the time. We love the idea of following Jesus and His Word, until it becomes costly or uncomfortable - then we can quickly become Relativists!

There is no such thing as Christian Relativism. Our morals, ethics, worldviews and ideology are grounded in the ABSOLUTE standard of our unchanging God and lived out by Denying ourselves, Picking up our crosses, and following Jesus!


Where do you see Moral Relativism at play in your world?

In what ways are you tempted toward questioning God's absolute truths in your own life?

What part of this series has been the most difficult for you?

What new ways are you being challenged to Deny Yourself or Carry Your Cross?


Ask God to help this not just be a series that comes and goes, but rather a moment that shifts part of how you live your life and interact with the world. Thank God for being the absolute truth that gives purpose and meaning to our world.


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