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RAP SHEET 3/6/22

Sermon: The Working Dead

Scripture: Genesis 2:15

ICE BREAKER: What was the first job you ever had?


This week, Pastor Clayton addressed the growing trend of people quitting their jobs in what is being called, "The Great Resignation." Gallup found that 85% of people are dissatisfied at work and in 2021 47 million people chose to quit their job.

To find out what scripture says about the topic, we first found out a high-level view of how God feels about work. To many people's surprise, work was instituted as a part of the purpose for mankind BEFORE sin entered the world. That means that work was actually a blessing from God!

At the end of the message, we found out that the word used in Genesis for WORK is also the word it uses for WORSHIP. This means that proper work is worship to God!

Were you surprised to learn that work was part of God's plan, not a punishment for sin?

Have you ever done work that felt really rewarding? What was that work and what did it to do you internally?

Since there is a division between God's design for work, and our experience of it, we dug in to what work is to understand how to make adjustments. To guide us we looked at:

WHAT work we are doing

HOW we are doing that work &

WHY we work in the first place

The most surface-level view of work is WHAT we are doing. This is just a description of your job. What does your company do? What is your role in that company? What responsibilities do you have?

Often people are dissatisfied with the job they do have because they are comparing it to their "Dream Job" they do not have. Most people have a dream they wish they could fulfill. The first step to clarity is getting honest about whether this dream COULD be a reality. For some people, they desire a level of fame, fortune, or status that is highly-unlikely! Pastor Clayton's dream growing up was to be in the NBA - However, that wasn't actually within reach.

If you have a realistic Dream Job, it's time to put a plan together to get there. Get trained, build your skillsets, network with others, apply for openings, get the degree you are missing. Life is too short to not make moves toward the position you want. You can tolerate a less-than-perfect job if it's helping you get to the job you really want.

LET YOUR DAY JOB (that you don’t love)


Do not allow fear or laziness to keep you from taking the necessary steps. BUT, be warned - if you get to the right "WHAT" without working on the "HOW" your dream will be short-lived!

That brings us to the "HOW." This is not about WHAT you do, it's about HOW you behave at work. Because most people are miserable, they allow bad character traits to develop at work. They become jaded, greedy, lazy, unfocused, and divisive. The idea people tend to have is, "I'll start working hard when I get the job I want."

This is the exact wrong approach. In Daniel chapter 1 we read about a young man in the world's worst job situation. Daniel had been taken captive and was forced to work for a foreign King. He was then offered a diet that went against his Jewish beliefs. Instead of reacting in anger and disrespect, Daniel stood firm while respecting his supervisor. He was kind, caring, and ultimately came to a compromise. Daniel ended up being elevated to the highest positions of leadership because he knew HOW TO BEHAVE even when he did not like WHAT HE WAS DOING.

The lesson is clear:




Last we looked at WHY we work. If you are a believer in Jesus, your job is one of your greatest opportunities to show others the difference that He has made in your life. Even the most miserable job offers opportunities to demonstrate the love of God to those you come into contact with. If you hate your job, show up to work and find someone to serve! Taking your eyes off of your misery and putting your energy towards helping someone else will make a difference in how you feel almost immediately!




What is ONE WAY you will change how you view your work and what is ONE THING you will do differently because of that change?


Spend time praying for your supervisor, the people you work with, and the customers you may serve. Ask God to show you the opportunities for growth and purpose that are around you every day. Commit to viewing work as a blessing and pursuing it in a way that blesses those around you.


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