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RAP SHEET 4/30/23

Sermon: The Way Home

Scripture: Ezekiel 37

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather live in a 5,000 square ft. house that is completely landlocked OR a 1000 square ft. house on 100 acres of land??


This week, we looked at the nation of Israel in exile and asked the question, "How can we have hope when we are far from home?"

The Israelites were in a place they did not recognize. The customs, religions, politics, social life, and everything else was unknown to them. They were strangers and treated as captives. Life was incredibly hard in exile.

Many Christians feel that way in today's world. Things are changing quickly and there is massive tension and division all around us.

What are some of the things making you anxious in today's world?

What affect do those emotions have on your life day to day?

While in captivity, the Lord spoke to the prophet Ezekiel by giving him a vision of a valley filled with dry bones. God asked the prophet to call life back into the bones and, when he obeyed, the bones came back to life! This was the Lord showing Israel that, although they had disobeyed Him, he would make a way for them to go home.

As a child of God, we are exiles in this world - longing for the day we finally see our home in eternity. Exile is hard! When you begin to lose faith, remember:

We have HOPE for the FUTURE because of the ONE who made a way HOME


God had not given up on Israel. In fact, His plan of rescue and redemption would still come through the great nation in the form of Jesus.

When Jesus went to the cross, he was finally and fully making a clear path for us to get back Home to our Heavenly father.

How often do you feel hopeless or think hopeless thoughts?

What do you do to counteract that helplessness?

What can you learn from Israel's time in exile to help you find hope in our world today?


Spend time thanking Jesus for coming and giving us hope by making a way for us to go "home." Ask the Holy Spirit to infuse you with hope for your future when discouragement comes your way .


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