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RAP SHEET 5/2/21

Sermon: Seek First

Scripture: Genesis 6 / Matthew 6

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather flip a coin for a chance to win $30 OR be given $10 immediately?

REVIEW: This week we learned what it looks like to point your life towards the Highest Possible Good. Jesus describes it as, "Seeking First the Kingdom and Righteousness of God." This pursuit is the cure for worry and anxiety.

What have you been anxious about lately?

We see this played out in the story of Noah and the Ark. The narrative tells us that the entire world was going to be destroyed by the flood, except for Noah. The reason Noah and his family were chosen is because Noah "Walked with God."

We all have our own metaphorical floods we deal with, and we all have a very real physical death in our future. How do we Walk With God to ensure that we are able to deal with the floods of life?

What catastrophe do you worry could be headed your way? Job loss? Relational division? Health Concerns? etc....

Jesus reminds us that the birds and the flowers are given all that they need AND that we are much more valuable to God than the lower creations. We also are the only thing that God created with the capacity to purposefully sacrifice the things of this world to Seek His plan for our life.

He ends by telling us to not worry about tomorrow and focus your energy on today. That doesn't mean not to plan for tomorrow - that is a integral part of sacrifice. However, we often reverse this teaching by worrying so much about tomorrow's problems that we fail to purposefully orient our life towards our purpose today.

Seeking God's Kingdom FIRST, allows you to sacrifice for your future the things that hold you back from focusing on God's Kingdom in the present. That is the template for a life well lived.

We see this in Noah. He sacrificed 75 years to building the Ark. He woke up every day and pursued the Highest Possible Good. Because of his faithfulness, humanity was saved!


What is ONE WAY you can aim at the highest possible good this week?

Perhaps there are people in your job who need a friend or a listening ear. Maybe your kids need a significant amount of your attention that currently goes to other things. Your spouse may feel neglected by you.

Instead of worrying about a future you can not control, wake up and Seek God - He will show Himself to you!


Ask God to open your eyes to the opportunities that are around you to build His Kingdom. Seek the Holy Spirit for the courage and wisdom in living out what God shows you. Take time each morning to think about what it would mean to point your life to the highest possible good that you could do.


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