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RAP SHEET 5/5/24

Series: MetaVision: Step Into The Future

Sermon: Net Worth

Scripture: Luke 5:1-10


This week, we wrapped up our MetaVision series with a message on following Jesus, no matter the cost. We talked about our culture's fascination with celebrities' net worth. There are entire websites dedicated to discovering the net worth of every major and minor cultural figure.

NET WORTH gets straight to the heart of the two factors that every person needs at a deep, psychological level:


Each of us is on a quest for 'significance '. We yearn to believe that our lives have a purpose, that we are making a difference. Simultaneously, we all seek 'security ', a sense of safety that allows us to flourish in life.

The problem is that the things in this world that we go to for significance and security often let us down. Relationships, money, addictions, status, popularity, performance, and sex are just a few of the things we try to root our significance and security in. Not everyone has a "net worth," but everyone has some safety net to which they turn!

In scripture, we looked at Peter's call to become one of Jesus' disciples. The moment begins with Jesus going fishing with Peter in his boat.

Fishing was not just a hobby for Peter; it was his identity! His career as a fisherman is where he found his significance and security. Jesus asked Peter to cast his nets one more time, even though he had fished all night without catching anything. Peter obeyed and caught a miraculous number of fish! There were so many fish that two boats almost sank trying to carry them to shore!

Jesus showed Peter that the very thing he had spent his life trusting in for significance and security was of no comparison to the power that Jesus offered. Jesus asked Peter to follow him, and Peter dropped his nets and obeyed.


We all have our "NET." It is the thing(s) we look to for our significance and security. The question is:


Peter realized that the most important thing to him, his fishing career, was of no importance compared to the opportunity to follow Jesus! He was able to drop his net and become a disciple. If Peter had cared too much about the career he had built, he would have forfeited the opportunity to change the world!

Jesus has also called us to follow Him! The one thing that may hold you back is your net. If you look to the things of this world for your purpose, you will miss out on the paths that Jesus has set before you. Only Jesus can provide perfect security of eternal life and the most significant of all purposes, building the Kingdom of God!

What have you looked to for significance and security in your own life?

How has your "net" held you back from fully following Jesus?

What is ONE WAY you will drop your nets this week and find your security and significance in Christ?


Ask God to bless our Helotes Launch team and the new volunteers at Richland Hills. Pray that they would find meaning and purpose in serving the movement of Jesus.


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