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RAP SHEET 5/7/23

Sermon: Fail With Form

Scriptures: Matthew 14, Matthew 16, Matthew 26

ICE BREAKER: What is one of your most public failures that you can now laugh about in retrospect?


This week, we talked about the fear of failure. Failing is an inevitable part of life, and yet we spend a huge amount of energy avoiding it at all cost!




We looked at the life of Peter to help us understand how to use failure to push us towards our purpose. Peter was constantly messing things up! We looked at a small sampling of Peter:

-losing faith in Jesus and almost drowning

-Trying to shut down Jesus' speech and getting called "Satan"

-Denying Jesus in His greatest time of need

Every one of these massive mess-ups is recorded for the world to see. However, once Jesus ascends back to heaven, we see a completely different Peter! He is bold and courageous, a leader of the church, and has a steady maturity that seems to have come out of nowhere! Instead of all his failures destroying his life, Jesus redeemed Peter's mistakes and used his failures to fuel his gifting and purpose!

We talked about the power of "FAILING WITH FORM." Peter often did the wrong things, but he did them with great intentions. He was truly trying to follow Jesus as audaciously as possible.

The problem in western Christianity today is not that there are too many Peter's who are boldly willing to fail for their faith - the problem is that believers are so afraid to fail that they sit in their church buildings and disengage with the world completely. God is big enough to use, even our failures, to build his Kingdom when we are failing with Form!


As a Jesus follower, what have you been hesitant to do or try or say because you are afraid of some form of failure?

If you knew 100% that you would be successful, what BOLD thing would you attempt?

How have you seen a fear of failure holding you back in this season of your life?

What would it look like for you to FAIL WITH FORM in the next six months?


Ask the Holy Spirit to revive dead dreams inside of you that fear has silenced. Commit to trusting God that He will use your failures to grow you into the person He created you to be.


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