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RAP SHEET 7/10/22

Series: LoveUP

Sermon: Framing Up

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 7:3-4


This week we kicked off our "LoveUP" series by looking at how our current culture, the ancient world, and the scriptures all uniquely frame sex and relationships.

In today's world, the culture sees the Christian sexual ethic, and the institution of marriage, as regressive and oppressive. We have labeled ourselves "Sex-Positive" and over time we have sought to destroy any barrier to full sexual liberation and freedom.

In the meantime, the Church has responded with a list of "thou shalt" and "thou shalt nots" that have been massively ineffective in changing the hearts and minds of the vast majority of people.

How has the world's view of sex, marriage, and things like pornography changed during your lifetime?

What has been your view of how churches respond to the progression of sexual liberation?

To get a proper perspective, we looked back at the ancient world - specifically Rome and Greece who were the predecessors to the modern West. What we saw was a Sexual Framework that was SELFISH, CONVENIENT, and PURPOSELESS. Only the top 1% of MEN had any say over their sexual and relational status. Women, children, foreigners and slaves were all seen as property and were used for the sexual gratification of those in power.

Sex was not a good thing in this pre-Jesus ethic. It was used as a way to establish power and dominance. Because the vast majority of people were viewed as commodities, Consent was not a factor. Consent gets in the way of both Selfish sexual pursuits AND the Convenience that the powerful men were used to.

It was in that historical context that the Movement of Jesus began. The message of Jesus was SO radical in contrast to the world, especially in the area of sex and relationships. Jesus taught an ethic that was SELFLESS, CONSENTUAL, and PURPOSEFUL!

This was the first Sexual Revolution! In a world where sex was seen as a power grab for a tiny minority at the top, and sheer survival for everyone else - Jesus began to redeem the goodness and beauty of sex and marriage that God originally designed it for!

Today we want to STEAL the outcomes of a Scriptural sexual ethic while following the framework of the Historical Framework. In other words, we want it to be Selfish and Convenient and Purposeless - BUT, we also want it to be a good thing and Consentual!


The further we remove Jesus from our framework of sex and relationships, the more and more the most vulnerable in society will get hurt!


Your view of sex and relationship, and the decisions you make through that framework, cast a vote for the kind of world you wish to live in. Our culture sees Jesus as an oppresive force sexually and relationally. However, the opposite is true! Jesus is who gave equal worth, dignity, and value to all people. It was Jesus, and His movement, that brought consent and the goodness of sex to the world!


How has this teaching shifted your view on sex and relationships and HOW will that practically affect your life?


Ask God to search your heart and reveal frameworks in your life that are not from Him. Spend time thanking Jesus for changing the world and bringing all of us equality in the eyes of God.


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