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RAP SHEET 8/15/21

Series: HEROIC

Sermon: Escape Temptation / Rely on God

Scriptures: Hebrews 11 / Genesis 6

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather have a 90s boy band or an 80s metal band as your alarm clock for the rest of your life? (Bonus points if you can pick a specific song!)


This week we looked at our second Hero in Hebrews 11 and learned the next two Heroic Characteristics. Our Hero was Noah and he taught us how to Escape Temptation and Rely on God.

Noah and the flood is a popular biblical story - did you see it from any new angles this week?

Scripture says that the world had turned evil and that Noah had somehow escaped the temptation of the world to remain a righteous man who walked with God. Temptation is everywhere! It is all around us, it is in our minds and hearts, and not to mention the incredible temptations on the smartphones in our pockets!

Life is hard and the temptations in our world promise to appease and distract us. They offer temporary relief from the angst, anger, depression, confusion, insecurity, and general pain of life. However, we are learning to be heroes. A Heroic life embraces all that life brings and has faith that it can be used for good.

Escaping temptation is not just about turning away from something wrong - it is about turning TOWARD the right things. Aiming your life toward a purpose, passion, and your potential. This requires Faith that the journey is worth the reward.

Noah finally completed the ark, loaded it with his family and animals, and the flood began. There was one major problem though - Noah couldn't shut the door! It was just too big! The only way they would be saved, is if God came through. That is exactly what happened! God shut the door and they were saved.

To Escape Temptation, we must have faith AND we must RELY ON GOD!


What temptations are you consistently struggling with in life?

Why are you going to those temptations - pleasure, ease of pain, boredom, loneliness, depression, etc.?

Escaping Temptation is about turning FROM sin (Which requires faith), and turning TO purpose (Which requires us to Rely on God).

What are you currently putting energy to that is going to make a difference in the lives of others?

What are you a part of that requires you to have faith that God will use it in the future?

Here is your application question for the week:

What is ONE temptation you will seek to escape this week by having faith and relying on God? (Be specific about what you will put your energy to in order to fill the time normally taken by that temptation).


This is one of the more difficult parts of the heroes journey. Temptation is all around us and it can take a strong hold in our life! Pray for the strength to get real and authentic about the temptations you are struggling with. Your life matters too much to not fight for the Heroes journey. Ask God to help you this week as you seek to turn away from sin and towards Him.


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