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RAP SHEET 8/22/21

Series: HEROIC

Sermon: Open to Change

Scripture: Hebrews 11:21

ICE BREAKER: What is your best back-to-school memory growing up?


This week we looked at the life of Jacob and learned that a Heroic Life must be OPEN TO CHANGE!

We all get stuck in life. It can be incredibly painful to feel like you are simply spinning your wheels. In these seasons, we fall off of the Heroes Journey. It is a common temptation to think that you can simply dream enough about a better future and get there. The truth is, we first have to wrestle with where we are and why it is unacceptable to remain stuck.

When is a time you have felt stuck in life?

How did that season weigh on your heart/mind?

This is evident in the life of Jacob. Almost from birth he was a deceiver. This character trait haunted him throughout his life. He stole from those he loved and attracted other deceptive people to himself. Finally, he had an experience where he literally wrestled with God for a full night. He was fully exposed by this encounter and it radically changed his life.

It was the wrestling that opened Jacob up to change. Jacob ends up in the Hebrews 11 Hall of Heroes - he truly lived a Heroic life. Once he was open to change, it didn't happen overnight; however, it opened the door for God's work in his life.


When is the last time you really wrestled with God?

When is the last time you really wrestled with the way you are living?

It is all too common in life to be in broken patterns and simply refuse to change. Perhaps you think you are too old to make a significant change in how you live? Maybe your pride is keeping you from doing what is necessary?


What is ONE WAY you will become OPEN to CHANGE this week? AND What is the ONE AREA in your life where you are looking to see that change?


In prayer this week, spend time wrestling with God. He welcomes you working through your struggles WITH Him. Jacob's name was changed to Israel which literally means, "The one who wrestles with God." The nation of Israel were God's chosen people. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the areas where you need change in your life. Ask Jesus for the strength to be Open to Change.


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