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RAP SHEET 8/27/23

Series: MetaVision

Sermon: What's My Role

Scripture: Exodus 35

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather your house have floors made out of sand or walls made out of mouse traps?


Last week, we unveiled a Big, Audacious vision for the future of MetaChurch! We acknowledged that it would be a movement-wide effort to see this dream become a reality.

This week, we drilled down into what it means for each of us to do our part in building the future at MetaChurch. We looked at a pivotal moment in the Old Testament where God desired to go from ABOVE his people to AMONG his people.

He asked Moses to take an offering of resources and talents from the people to build a tabernacle. The people JUMPED at the opportunity to play a role in God living among them. This helped us clarify an important question to ask ourselves:

What would I be willing to do, to bring God into the midst of my community?

Take a moment and think through that question as a team.

The Israelites brought what they had and put their talents to work. Soon, the tabernacle was complete and the glory of the Lord filled it up and took residence among the Israelites.

All of those who had sacrificed to see this happen had the joy of being a part of this life-changing moment!

The desire for God to dwell among his people never went away. When Jesus came to earth, scripture records that:

"The Word became flesh and DWELT among us..."

This same desire God has to commune with his people was displayed in the life of Jesus. Then, once Jesus' time on earth was finished, God instituted the CHURCH as his means to dwell among his people. Paul wrote to believers,

"Don’t you yourselves know that you are God’s temple and that the Spirit of God lives in you?"


MetaChurch is working so hard to expand to other areas of our city, state, and beyond because we believe our most important purpose in life is to bring the spirit of God into new areas so he can dwell among his people!

Everyone in Israel had something to offer when it came time to build the tabernacle. Likewise, everyone at MetaChurch has a role to play. It is on all of us to be prepared to do 4 things:




GO WHERE (God Calls You To Go)

Getting Here is prioritizing time with the body of Christ. Meeting together with your movement should be a top priority for all of us!

Growing Here is essential for us to lead the kind of change we are capable of. Growth allows you to get healthy, discover your purpose, and play your unique role at MetaChurch and beyond.

Giving Here is a call scripture makes to all believers. We are called to give First, Sacrificially, and Automatically to the work of God through our local church. Giving pours fuel on the fire of this movement and helps us keep going and keep growing!

Last, is the call to "GO WHERE." This acknowledges our vision to open new MetaChurch locations around our city and beyond. We will need people to step up and sign up to go help plant these new MetaChurch venues. If God calls you to go - GO!

Which of these 4 action steps do you struggle with the most?

Which comes most easily to you?

What is ONE THING you can do this week to make progress in living out these 4 roles?


Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how important your contribution could be to this movement. Ask God for help in areas of your weakness and to strengthen your faith for the incredible journey ahead!


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