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RAP SHEET 8/6/23

Series: MetaVision

Sermon: Who We Are

Scriptures: Matthew 16:18 / Luke 5:30-32 / James 1:22

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather always have untied shoelaces or always have a loose-fitting sock?


This week we walked through WHO WE ARE as MetaChurch. We looked at the History, Mission, and Strategy behind why we do what we do.

MetaChurch was born out of an understanding of what "CHURCH" actually is! For too long people believed that the church was the building or the Sunday service or the pastoral staff. The truth is, Jesus started a MOVEMENT of PEOPLE!

The greek word for Church is ecclesia which means, "The Called Out." In ancient times this referred to a group of people called out to Met Together and Move Together for a specific purpose!

With this understanding of church in mind, God began to build vision for a unique mission and strategy to be effective for God's Kingdom.

The mission of MetaChurch is something we do not feel like we can just come up with on our own. Jesus very plainly gave us our marching orders! We are ambassadors of God calling out for the world to come to Jesus. The way we say it at Meta is: We do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get people to Jesus!

Specific to MetaChurch, we focus our attention on those who may not feel they can go to church anywhere else. We work hard to build a culture that is filled with grace and love, while still submitting to the truths of God's word.

Our strategy was built around two pillars: Keep It Simple & Make It Applicable.

Noticing that organized things drift toward complexity, we fight hard to do as few things as necessary to be effective, and to do those things well. We focus on three areas:

-Sunday Service

-Life Teams

-Personal Growth and Development (Meta Movement Academy coming soon!)


Our desire is for everyone at MetaChurch to know the ins and outs of who we are and how we operate. This allows people to know if they truly want to invest their life into this movement. It also emphasizes that we are focused on doing Whatever It Takes to get people to Jesus!

What is something you learned about MetaChurch that you didn't know before?

Is it helpful for you to see the thought-process behind the mission and strategy?

What does doing "Whatever It Takes" look like in your personal life?


Spend time praying for this MetaVision series, and specifically for Vision Sunday on August 20th.


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