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RAP Sheet 8/9/2020

Message: Cancel Culture


This week, Pastor Clayton walked us through how to handle controversial Christian truths in the midst of Cancel Culture.

Cancel Culture leverages what is important to you in order to force conformity to its own beliefs. The reality is, the truths of scripture are going to run counter to the culture in many ways. When this happens in your own life, you may be forced to choose Conformity or Cancellation.

What is a time in your life that you have had to compromise your own values in order to fit in?

Why is there so much pressure to conform to the world around us?

Is there a time that you have stood up for what you believe? How did it go? What did it cost you?

We learned the secret to becoming "un-cancellable" is to live with a Pilgrim's Perspective. That means living with Heaven always in view. It means making your decisions through the lens of Eternity, not the world we live in today.

The Apostel Paul demonstrated this kind of life in the letter he wrote to the Philippians. He reminded them they are "Citizens of Heaven" - meaning on earth we are just Pilgrim's passing through!

A Pilgrim's Perspective gives us a new Passion, new Priorities, and a new Prize to live for! When our passions, priorities, and prize are not in this world, there is nothing this world can take away from us (or CANCEL) to force Conformity! With a Pilgrim's Perspective, we can be content even when we are Cancelled!


To live with a Pilgrim's Perspective takes practice! Here are some questions to get you started. Answer these HONESTLY to assess whether you are living as a Pilgrim or a Citizen on earth:

What is your ultimate PASSION?

What is your number one PRIORITY?

What is the PRIZE, or goal, that your life is organized around?

As you think through those questions, note whether your answers are things in this world or beyond it. If the majority of your answers are temporary, worldly things, you are in danger of Cancellation forcing Conformity. The culture has huge leverage over your life and purpose if you are just living for today.

What is ONE CHANGE you can make in your Passions, Priorities, or Prize to get you closer to a Pilgrim's Perspective?


Spend time praying that the Holy Spirit would move you each day to consider eternity in the way you live your life. Ask for the courage to listen to those Spirit promptings and make Heaven your first filter.

Thank Jesus that he has given you life after this life. Take a moment to imagine eternity and all that it holds for you. Pray that MetaChurch would be filled with Pilgrim's ready to live out their purpose!


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