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Rap sheet 9/13/20

Message: Love BEFORE First Sight


This week we looked at Jesus healing the blind man in John chapter 9.

As a disabled person during this time, you were thought to be cursed by God. This is why the disciples asked Jesus, "Who sinned, this man or his parents?" They automatically assumed that God was punishing this man with blindness.

However, Jesus shows them that it is not a curse that he is suffering - that God wanted to use even his pain to show people His glory!

What is causing you suffering right now in life?

Have you ever been hurting so much you felt you might be 'cursed'?

Jesus went to the blind man, spit on the ground, made mud, and put it on his eyes. Then, Jesus told him to leave his begging spot, go across town, and wash in the pool of Siloam.

This was a HUGE task and there were many potential obstacles in the way of his faith.

First, he had to get messy - Jesus put mud on his eyes

Second, he had to overcome the fear of navigating the streets blind

Third, he had to leave behind his begging spot - the source of his provision

Last, he had to wash in the waters they used for rituals bringing shame on himself

There will always be obstacles to our faith!

What is holding you back from fully following Jesus?

Which of these 4 fears do you struggle with the most? Getting messy, facing fear, trusting God for provision, or being ashamed of your faith?

The blind man trusted Jesus, went across town, and received his sight! It was a miracle! But, it was not what Jesus was most interested in. Jesus came back to the man and made sure that his spiritual eyes were open as well. Jesus asked, "Do you believe in me?"

This is the biggest question we have to face in this life - do you believe in Jesus?


This week's application is divided into two groups.

First, if you have never believed in Jesus, this is the starting point! Do you trust that Jesus is who He claimed to be - God in human flesh?

Do you have faith that He did what he says He did - died to pay for your sins on a cross and rose again defeating death?

If you have not wrestled with these questions, carve time out this week to truly figure out what you believe about Jesus. Go back and watch sermons from MetaChurch YouTube, talk to people you know and trust, pray and ask God to make the path clear for you.

Second, if you are already a believer, what are some obstacles to living a faith-based life? Get honest and discover where you are struggling to fully follow Jesus. Figure out ONE THING you can do to be more like the blind man and follow Jesus into the midst of your purpose!


Ask God to show you what a fully-devoted life looks like. Spend time being quiet and getting to know what it is like for the Holy Spirit to impress things on your heart. Thank Jesus that he offers us eternal healing for our souls.


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