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RAP SHEET 9/4/22

Series: Consume or Create

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12 / Acts 15

ICE BREAKER: Do you have any hidden talents? (stupid human tricks like licking your elbow definitely count!)


This week, we heard from several of our Volunteer Team leaders about the power that service brings to our own life, our church movement, and the world around us!

The call of this short series is to move from a Consumer to a Creator. A consumer attends service when it is convenient and consumes the content that is presented, but does not really engage in the life of the church. To be clear, we are not actually anti-consumer! We desire for MetaChurch to be a place where people can come without expectation and wrestle with life's biggest issues.

At the same time, we believe that eventually - to fully experience what church offers - you need to move past consuming to actually coming alongside and creating what the church is! One of the easiest ways to become a creator is to Volunteer on a Team at MetaChurch! This Sunday we tried to outline three things that happen as a result of making that investment:

FIRST, Creators Use Their Gifts!

Skills can be learned, but GIFTS are given - and we believe that God has given every one of us gifts that are useful for the church. Getting on a team, and becoming a creator, allows you to discover those gifts and use them for the ultimate purpose of bringing hope to the world around you.

It is an amazing feeling to know that your gifting is making a difference in the life of someone else. This Sunday we heard the story of Kaysie Clem who discovered her gift for working with special needs children by volunteering in the children's ministry at her local church! God used that gift to change her life in so many ways and to impact so many other children through Kaysie using those gifts!

Second, Creators Cultivate Community!

We just learned in our Home Team series that we all need community! This was most apparent during the Pandemic of the last couple of years. People became isolated and disconnected. However, the group that still felt plugged in to their faith community at Meta was the Volunteers! Through their service as a Creator on our teams, they were able to stay in touch with others and help push the movement forward, even when we were not meeting together!

Last, Creators Build Bridges!

MetaChurch is unique because we take Jesus' instructions very seriously! We do Whatever It Takes to get people to Jesus. So many churches build barriers to entry that keep people marginalized and left-out. Jesus came to build BRIDGES not barriers. As a Creator at Meta, you help create environments, programs, services, and culture that is welcoming to all people in all places of their spiritual journey! Many of you know this, because you experienced it firsthand!

There is nothing better than giving back by helping Build grace Bridges for others in our community to walk across!


Do you feel like you are a Consumer at Meta or a Creator? (Remember, it is ok to be a consumer - especially if you are new and just checking things out! Take this time to investigate who we are and what we believe).

Do you feel like you have discovered your gifts? If so, how is God using those? If not, how might you start that discovery process?


Ask God to show you how to fully engage as a Creator alongside what He is doing in our world!


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