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RAP SHEET 9/5/21

Series: HEROIC

Sermon: Rahab - Change the World

Scripture: Hebrews 11 / Joshua 2

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather be REALLY wealthy with quite a bit of stress in your life, or have less-than average wealth but be virtually stress-free? (answer honestly!)


This week we looked at the last piece of our Heroic Template:


We saw this demonstrated in the life of Rahab, a woman from the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong lineage, and a lifetime of the wrong decisions! Rahab teaches us a critical lesson - ANYONE CAN LIVE HEROICALLY if they follow the Heroic Template!

The real question is, do you actually believe that?

Do you ever struggle to believe that God can really use you?

Are you ever convinced that you have made too many bad decisions to live a heroic life?

Rahab was the town prostitute in a city called Jericho. Jericho stood between Israel, God's chosen people in the Old Testament, and the Promised Land that God was giving them. This large, fortified city posed a major threat for the Israelites so they sent in some spies to scope things out. The spies were taken in by Rahab who risked her life to hide them from the King!

What is the last big risk you took in life?

Was that risk taken for personal gain, or on the behalf of others?

We soon learn that Rahab took that risk because she had heard all about the one true God and had become a believer in Him! Because of her help, Rahab was spared when Israel overtook the city. Her heroism was rewarded with the safety of her and her entire family. A pretty amazing story - and it wasn't done yet!

Heroic lives Change the World. Yes, Rahab helped Israel achieve victory; but, did she really Change the World? Rahab's story was not quite done. She went on to the Promised land and engrained herself in the Israelite society. She even married into the nation and had a daughter-in-law named Ruth - the same Ruth they named a book of the Bible after. Ruth had a great grandson named David who became the greatest King in Israel and the head of the lineage of Jesus Himself!

Rahab, the one-time prostitute, now sits in the lineage of the Savior of the World! She was directly responsible for the safe passage of Israel into the land of promise. She did not allow her past to hold her back from living Heroically in the present and Changing the World in her future.


This is a message specifically for those who think their life is nothing more than the status quo. It is for anyone convinced that something is holding them back from truly discovering and living out their God-given purpose! Any excuse you may have, Rahab could have had as well. Heroic lives are not defined by our mistakes or the wrong we have done - Heroic lives are lived by those who continue to get back up and push forward to make a difference in the lives of those around them!

What is ONE WAY you will live Heroically this week - DESPITE the thoughts that tell you that you can't?

Share with your team the opportunity that you see to make a difference this week AND be transparent enough to share what you think holds you back.


Now that you have been honest with your team, pray against the false narrative that keep you from fully living out your Heroes Journey. Speak truth to the lies that keep you on the sidelines. Ask the Holy Spirit for the power to take bold steps toward your purpose!


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