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RAP Sheet December 1st, 2019

Series: What You Started

Message: The Deception of the Exception


This week we saw Joshua and the Israelites get deceived by a neighboring country.

God had commanded Israel to kick every single country out of the promised land; however, Gibeon tricked them into a treaty where they no longer had the right to do so.

All of this happened because they did not seek God before they made this decision.

Is there a decision you have made in your life that would have looked different in you asked God first?

After Joshua died, the Israelites allowed many other Nations to stay in the promised land. Eventually, these nations led Israel astray and into idolatry and other sins. Because they had broken God's commands, Israel was taken captive and held as slaves in a foreign land.

Israel had made an exception for the nation of Gibeon. The Exception changed their perception and may have helped them think keeping the other nations around was not so bad. Once our perception has been changed in opposition to God's will, we become SELF-DECEIVED.

Are there any areas of your life that you are making exceptions to how you know God desires for you to live?

An exception is something you are doing that you know goes against God, but you have rationalized doing it anyway.

-I only pop pills when I'm trying to have a good time

-She is the only person I hang out with that does drugs

-Porn is really my only vice

All of these are examples of exceptions and all lead down a dangerous path to deception.

If you are honest, how are the exceptions you make in life actually affecting your life?


God has created you with an incredible purpose. To experience the fullness of your potential you have to eliminate the exceptions!

What is ONE WAY you will deal with an exception in your life this week?

-Quit cheating on your diet

-Begin valuing your wife/husband

-prioritize your kids

If the Movement of MetaChurch will do it's best to eliminate our exceptions, we will experience an extraordinary impact in our world!


Spend some time in prayer in your team. Ask God to reveal the exceptions in your life. Seek the Holy Spirit and ask it to bring to life any deception you are living under. Pray for your teammates, that they will be able to do the hard work of correcting broken perceptions they have been living with.

Remember to seek God and follow hard after Him. He will keep your paths straight.


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