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RAP Sheet February 2nd, 2020

Series: Triggered

Message: When and Where


This week we are starting to identify the triggers in our life that move us into cycles of bad habits. The first places we are going to investigate are Time and Place.

In the Bible, we saw King David fall into a HUGE series of sins by putting himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the other side, we saw Uriah stay faithful to God and his fellow soldiers because of the influence of "When" and "Where"

READ 2 Samuel 11:1-11

Think about one or two of your worst habits.

Now, ask yourself: Where am I when this usually happens, and When am I most susceptible to giving in to it?

For most people, patterns will begin to emerge. Your environment is the strongest trigger in your life. When you do things and Where you do things are no accident!

What is an example of a PLACE where you act differently than you normally act?

Is there a time of day that you feel most vulnerable to unhealthy behaviors?


Maybe you are a social media addict and need to let a trusted friend monitor your screentime. Perhaps you need a season of deleting those apps off of your phone entirely, or plug your phone into an outlet outside your room at night.

If you are in massive debt, it may be time to cut up those precious credit cards. If you are a shopaholic, department stores may need to be off-limit.

After you have through the Triggers that come from When and Where you are ready to make some application in your life!

What is one environmental change you could make to help break the cycle of a negative habit?

Each team member commits to ONE change you are going to make. For some, it may be about a place, and for others about time.

Where aren't you going to go? What will you avoid at certain times of the day?

Committing to a real application is how the Movement we call MetaChurch actually MOVES!


Spend time praying that God would make clear the triggers that are trapping us in cycles of Bad Habits. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal times and places that are holding you back from the life you were created to live.

Pray for your teammates as they seek to make these significant changes in their lives. Ask that God would use your team to encourage and challenge you.


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