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RAP Sheet January 26th, 2020

Series: Triggered

Message: Break The Cycle


Why do we do the things we do?

Why don't we do the things we WANT to do?

These are the questions we are trying to answer this week.

In Sunday's message, we talked about how our Habits play a major role in the quality of our life experience.

What negative habit have you been working on recently?

What positive habit have you struggled to implement in your life?

To help us understand these issues, we learned the Habit Cycle:

Cue - Stimulous around us that triggers our cravings

Routine - The action we take based off of the Cue (the actual Habit)

Reward - The result of the Routine that cures the craving of the Cue


Think back to the negative habit in your answer above.

What is the routine you are in?

What would you say is the "CUE" that creates the craving for that habit?

In other words, what "Triggers" you to continue that habit?

Does it happen when you are alone or sad? Is it usually late at night? Does the routine alleviate depression? Does it only occur in certain places or at certain times?

If you can determine the Trigger, you can begin to understand the Habit at a deeper level. Once you learn the Cue, determine the reward.

What reward are you getting out of your habit?

What craving does it cure? What sensation does it bring? How does it make you feel better, even if it is short lived.

This week, determine ONE habit that you are wanting to change. Think through it using the HABIT CYCLE and see what small changes you can make to start breaking the negative cycles in your life!


Spend some time asking God to help you and your team break the cycle of habits in your life. Pray that the rest of this series builds successfully on the foundation we have laid in weeks 1 and 2.

Thank Jesus for all that He has done for your life. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that we ultimately get free from our worst patterns.


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