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RAP Sheet January 5th, 2020

Message: Change Church


This week we looked at the vision of MetaChurch through a new lens.

We saw how critical it is to understand what the Church was meant to be and to do everything we can to live it out!

The church was never meant to be another religion. All religions have 3 things in common:

Sacred Places

Special People

Scared Participants

Which of these characteristics have you encountered in religion before?

How did it make you feel?

Jesus did not come to build Sacred Monuments, He came to start a Movement!

Jesus does not set up "Special People" who are spiritually superior - He has made a way for ALL people to play a part. We prioritize the MESSAGE over the MESSENGER!

The Movement of Jesus is not a movement of fear, it is a movement of faith!


In what ways was your view of Church challenged this week?

How does a clearer understanding of Church motivate you in your walk with Jesus?

What is ONE WAY you will live out the vision of MetaChurch, (to do whatever it takes to get people to Jesus), this week?


Spend time as a team praying for the future of our Movement at MetaChurch.

Ask God to make the path clear for us as we seek to follow Him wherever he leads.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any wrong ideas you have about God or the Church.


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