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RAP Sheet June 14, 2020

Message: Start With Why


This week, we looked at the origin of the mission at MetaChurch. One day, Jesus opened up to His disciples about what was coming after his death. He said that he would start His "ekklesia" - the word we have interpreted as Church.

However, the word Church carries a different meaning than the word Jesus chose that day. An ekklesia was a movement of people called out of society for a significant and specific purpose! By choosing this word, Jesus was showing that He was starting something Brand New! This wasn't another version of the same old religion - it was an unstoppable force being released into the world.

How does this understanding of Church challenge how you have thought of it in the past?

Jesus was showing us the "WHY" of the church movement. Our mission is to do whatever it takes to get people to Jesus. Jesus always talked about why this movement exists, and He often talked about "WHAT" the mission was going to accomplish. However, there was one thing that seemed to be absent from His teachings...

Jesus never really talked about "HOW" this movement was supposed to look. He left earth without printing out a manual for the apostles to follow to start this thing we call church. Because of this, we see churches that operate in completely different ways today.

What are some of the big differences you have noticed in church methods?

Do you see that as a good thing, bad thing, or indifferent?


Churches have spent far too long fighting over HOW to run a church service. Jesus taught us to start with Why and to get clear on What. Unfortunately, we love to argue about the details.

This is not only true for Churches - it happens in our personal lives all the time!

What would it look like to "Start with Why" in your relationships? Career? Social Circle? Habits?

We have a human tendency to focus on What we are doing and How we are doing it. Today, challenge yourself to answer: "Why am I doing this?"

Are you dating to have fun or to get married? Are you working to make money or advance in your career or to find a sense of purpose? Why do you spend money the way you spend it? Why do you have the friends you have?


What is ONE WAY you can begin Starting With Why in your own life?

Digging down to the Why is how we align our purposes with the purposes of God in our life!


Ask God to show you the areas in your life that you are distracted by the WHAT and the HOW. Really spend some time reflecting our your own personal WHY! Show your gratitude that Jesus started a Movement that you get to be a part of all these centuries later!


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