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RAP Sheet December 15th, 2019

Series: What You Started

Message: The Purpose Path


This week we wrapped up our "What You Started" series with Joshua's farewell speech.

Joshua pulled no punches in challenging Israel to worship the one, true God. Everyone in Israel declared their heartfelt desire to do that very thing! However, there was one problem, many of the Israelites were simultaneously worshipping false gods from neighboring nations!

What are some things you desire in your life?

Coming up to 2020, what are some goals you have for yourself, your family, career, etc?

Joshua did not take the reply of Israel at face value. He knew their desire and their decisions did not actually reflect each other. That is when he helped us learn The Purpose Path - DIRECTION, NOT DESIRE, DETERMINES DESTINATION.

Are there any idols in your life?

Anything you go to with your pain instead of God?

Anything in your past you still find your identity in?

Something in your future that you spend ALL your time thinking about even though you can not control it?

God had a glorious destination in mind for Israel; but, to live under the blessings of God required more than wishful thinking. At MetaChurch we also believe that God has an amazing purpose for your life! To get to the destination God has planned for you will require setting your feet in the right direction.


Often we have the right desires, but our feet are heading in the wrong direction.

As we head into 2020, take a few moments to answer these questions with your team.

1. What is ONE thing you would like to achieve in the new year? (This is your DESIRED DESTINATION

2. What is ONE thing you need to START doing to head in that direction?


3. What is ONE thing you need to STOP doing to align your decisions up with your desire?


Direction, NOT DESIRE, Determines Destination!


Spend some time praying for each other. Ask God to help make it clear what parts of our lives our Desires and Direction are in conflict. Pray that your teammates would be able to make the necessary changes to start walking toward the goals they have for their life.

Pray for 2020 as we walk into a new year, decade, and new opportunities. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you continue to Move Together as MetaChurch.


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