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Rap Sheet 1/17/21

Series: ReBoot

Sermon: Retain

Key Verses: James 1:19-22

Ice Breaker: What is the scariest thing you have ever done? (bungee-jumping, skiing, proposing, etc...)


In week 3 of our series we learned: to REBOOT your must RETAIN

From one Sunday to the next can feel like an eternity when life gets hard. The "real world" that exists outside of Sunday Services can quickly take your spiritual bonfire down to a heap of ashes. Often, by Monday or Tuesday, the inspiration and enlightenment from gathering as a Movement has given way to the depression, anxiety, frustration, and division of our everyday lives.

What are some things in your life that seem to take the spiritual wind out of your sails?

We have an issue of spiritual retention. To Retain is to absorb something and continue holding it. It is like we are filling up our spiritual bucket every Sunday, but the bottom is full of holes! We simply lose what had filled us up.

When we are tested by the world, we often do not have the insight, wisdom, patience, or perseverance to act or react in Godly ways. If we cannot learn to retain, we will not experience a REBOOT and the world around us will miss out on what makes following Jesus so special!

In scripture, the book of James tells the story of a once united church who has been dispersed through persecution. Before the suffering came, everyone shared everything and was generous to one another. Now that the world was testing them, the rich believers were hoarding their resources and the poor were holding grudges!

In his first chapter, James outlines a 3-step process to begin growing our ability to Retain!


1. ATTENTION - James implores the congregation to be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak, and Slow to Get Angry. We all remember that kid in class who never paid attention and failed every Pop Quiz. Of course they failed, there was nothing for them to RETAIN! If we are not paying attention to God - really opening our hearts and minds to Him - there is nothing for us to absorb.

2. INTERVENTION - James continues by pointing out the filth and evil that is the general operating mode of the world around us. He says to "take off" that filth and evil the same way one would remove a soiled article of clothing. To learn what God has for us, we must first UN-learn many of our normal patterns we have inherited from a broken world.

3. INTENTION - Finally, James lays down a critical truth:

"But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." (James 1:22)

Once we have given God our attention, and discovered the areas of our life that need intervention, we must be INTENTIONAL about applying those truths to our life!


Lack of Retention has plagued the modern church. This is why MetaChurch has Life Team's at the center of its strategy! While typical small groups are built for information, Life Team's are built for application.

As you heard this week, we are calling for new Life Team leaders. Whether it is today, next year, or maybe never - at least consider if God may be pulling you toward stepping out of attending a Team, and beginning to lead one of your own!


Which step, outlined in James chapter 1, do you need to work on this week and HOW specifically do you plan to work on it?

Maybe you need to work on giving God your attention. Spending time really blocking on the things of this world and listening to what He may be teaching you.

Perhaps you have been listening to God, but you haven't made any interventions to the paths you are on and habits you've created that don't match God's desires.

It could be that you have given God your attention, you know what Interventions you need, you are just lacking Intention! What would it look like to get intentional with the life God has given you to live!

The absolute best way to RETAIN is to APPLY! Put the truth's of God to work in your life this week. You will fail and you will fall short - that is OK! We always learn more from failing in the right direction then standing still on the wrong path.


Spend some time praying that God would stir the hearts of our future Life Team Leaders. Ask the Holy Spirit to make the calling clear to them and pray that they would see success and significance on their journey. Allow yourself to be still and reflect on where you may struggle Retaining what God does from week to week. Focus on the calling Jesus has given all of us to apply His truths and love the people around us.


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