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RAP SHEET 4/7/24

Series: Investigating Easter

Sermon: The Miracle AFTER The Miracle

Scripture: John 21

ICE BREAKER: What is your favorite Easter memory from when you were growing up?


This week, we celebrated Baptisms and closed out our Investigating Easter series. We focused our attention on the often missed miracle that occurred after the miracle of the resurrection.

Once Jesus rose from the grave, the disciples wondered whether they still had a role to play in His movement. They had abandoned, betrayed, and denied Jesus in his moment of greatest need!

The last chapter of John's gospel finds some of the Disciples, including Peter, who had denied Jesus, deciding to head out and start fishing. This was a return back to their former identity. When Jesus met him, Peter was a fisherman. Fishing was all he had known and how he resourced his life. Jesus had called him to something new, and Peter believed he would follow Jesus for the rest of his life.

However, Peter had failed the test the night of Jesus' arrest. He knew that any sane leader would trade in these cowardly disciples for a new, more robust group of followers.

But Jesus is not any ordinary leader. Jesus showed up on the shore when the men were out fishing and helped them haul in a life-changing catch! Realizing it was Jesus, Peter swam to shore where Jesus was expecting him.

Over breakfast, Jesus carefully restored Peter to his purpose and set him on the path to becoming a leader of the early Church.


After all they had done, Jesus restored his disciples. His grace transformed these once cowardly men into courageous, world-changing leaders!

Jesus stands ready to do the same for us. He understands all the ways we have failed Him and remains ready to use us to build His Kingdom!

What does Jesus's restoration of Peter teach you about the heart of God?

How have you counted yourself out when it comes to following Jesus?

What is ONE WAY this week's message will practically impact your life this week?


Spend some time praying for the many people who were baptized on Sunday!


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