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RAP SHEET 1/2/22

Sermon: Walk This Way

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-31

ICE BREAKER: What is your New Year Resolution?


This week, we learned about "getting out of the boat" and embracing the adventure God has for you! We looked at the story of the disciples who ended up on the sea, in a storm without Jesus. In the thick of the waves, Jesus came to them walking on the water. Peter, never one to shy away from controversy, told Jesus to prove it was Him by allowing Peter to walk on the water as well.

Jesus called Peter out and he walked on water as well! Eventually, Peter got scared, took his eyes off of Jesus, and began to drown. IMMEDIATELY, Jesus pulled him up and walked him back into the boat.

2020-2021 was a hard season for our world. It affected everyone in different ways. One thing that is pretty consistent is NO ONE wants 2022 to become 2020 TOO!

What was the hardest part of 2021 for you?

What made it so difficult?

How are you hoping for things to change in 2022?

The answer to escaping the same broken patterns of our lives is to learn to exercise real faith. The WALK that leads us to our purpose and potential is not found in the safety of the boat - it's found in the adventure of the waves. The life you are called to is walking with Jesus, and he doesn't take the normal routes life offers.


Everyone has their "boats" that they feel comfortable in. For some of us it is a habit or addiction, for others it is toxic relationships, some people use money to shelter them from the realities of the world around them, and maybe you put your hope in something else entirely.

The world is difficult and the storms of life always come. In order to self-protect we find things in this world that make us comfortable and help us "wait out" those storms. These are our "boats." We find refuge in our pride, instagram filters, over-eating, negative thought patterns, gossip... the list goes on and on.

Jesus is calling you out of the boat. Asking you to take a step of faith towards Him and the life He offers. It will be scary, but keep your eyes on him!

What is ONE WAY you can step out of the boat this new year?


As we enter the new year, spend some time praying that God would continue to reveal the boats you are stuck in. Ask Jesus to build your faith and the Holy Spirit to give you courage. Commit to God and yourself that this year you will take steps of faith toward the life you were created to live.


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