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RAP SHEET 10/11/20

Series: Whatever It Takes

Message: Story Ark


Every story has an "arc" and every arc follows the same template:


Inciting Incident




New Equilibrium

Every moview you have ever watched, or book you have ever read can be put into this template. To put it simply - this is how story works. You can even look at the story of your life in this same way.

This Sunday, Pastor Clayton walked us through the Story ARC of Noah's ARK.

Was there anything in this very familiar Bible story that you had not seen before?

How did the story arc help you appreciate the struggle of Noah and his family?

We also looked at the story of MetaChurch and how God has brought us to this moment of opportunity with a new building. Meta experienced a short equilibrium before the inciting incident of unsustainable growth came. That has led us to fight through the tension of locating and planning a new space.

Taking time to look at the story helps us see all the numerous ways that God has shown up and showed off in this process. Now, we are at the Climactic moment, deciding whether we are going to be able to move forward to a new equilibrium.

Noah's Ark was about building something to rescue humanity from the flood caused by sin. MetaChurch is a movement bringing spiritual shelter to humanity from the consequence of our sin.

Once Noah had the Ark built, there was a major problem - HE COULD NOT SHUT THE DOOR! Noah's faith was so big that he built a structure only God could seal shut.

When in your life, has it been most obvious you need God's help?


Pastor Clayton once again closed the service by asking us to Pray and Prepare for Pledge Day on October 18th. This is the day we will make our financial contribution official! This will be the day where we continue to do Whatever It Takes to reach more people!


Every day, PRAY for God to impress on your heart what a Sacrifice means for you - and PREPARE to make that sacrifice on the 18th.

You may be in a season of real hardship and what you can give does not seem like much. God can use it! You may be in a season of plenty and God is challenging you to give more than you have before. Perhaps you have not been great with money and your sacrifice is organizing your finances to enable your generosity.


Think through your own Story Arc. How has God used the situations in your life to bring you into relationship with Jesus? Have you ever dealt with the pain or trauma in your life? How well do you really know yourself?


God hears the prayers of His people! Bring your story to God and ask Him how He wants to use it to build His Kingdom! Pray for God to show you what it means for you to do whatever it takes to fund this next step in your movement. Thank God for how he has moved in your life and seek His Spirit to guide you through the rest of this week.


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