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Rap sheet 10/18/20

Series: Whatever It Takes

Message: Messy Miracles


To learn about Messy Miracles, we had to go back to a Messy Message. In December of 2018, Pastor Clayton first taught on the 4 friends and the paralytic. That was the message that first cast the vision for a new permanent space at SW410 and Marbach road.

It was a Messy Message because, by all accounts, we started talking about the building WAY too early! Experts say not to go “public” until you have all your ducks in a row.

When have you experienced really bad timing with something in your life?

Although it wasn’t the plan most would suggest, we have seen God use that Messy Message to get us where we are today - SO close to moving forward on an amazing project.

The story in Mark 2 is usually told through the lens of the paralyzed man. This week, we paid special attention to the 4 friends. They had carried the paralytic all the way to Peter’s house to see Jesus. When they arrived, there was simply NO WAY to get their friend inside.

No one would have blamed them if they had given up and gone home. However, these men were going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get their friend to Jesus.

What would it look like for us to have this same attitude when life gets hard?

When is a time you felt like giving up, but kept moving forward in faith?

When is a time you gave up, that you wish you would have looked for another option?

The men decided to go through the roof! They carried the paralytic to the roof, DUG THROUGH IT, and lowered him to Jesus!


It is PLEDGE WEEK! This is when we dig deep and come together as a movement to fund our future.

We are asking everyone at Meta to make a 3-year financial commitment to this cause. That means a monthly gift, above and beyond your normal giving, to help fund the construction of this new space.

This week’s application is simple - Make your pledge and pray for others to do the same.

If everyone will give what they can give, God will do the rest! We are confident in that.

The total cost is 3 million dollars. As we have said before - if 400 people pledge $200/month over 3 years that would be 2.8 Million dollars! It will happen fast if everyone does their part!

You can make your pledge now at


Pray over the hard parts of your life. Ask God to show you where the “Roof” is - where is the solution that you haven’t seen yet to the problem you are facing. Be persistent in asking the Holy Spirit to give you a Whatever It Takes attitude.

Pray for the offering we are taking and for the others who will give to this in the future. Pray for the lives of the people in San Antonio that a larger space will allow us to reach!


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