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Rap sheet 10/4/20

Series: Whatever It Takes

Message: Buid It NOW!


This week, Pastor Clayton walked us through the plan to create more space for this movement. Every person at Meta is challenged to make a 3 year financial commitment to fund a permanent space at 410 and Marbach road on the far West side of San Antonio. This is a gift above and beyond normal offerings to help the movement operate.

To understand the kind of sacrifice we are making, we looked at Exodus 25 and 35. The Israelites are in the middle of the wilderness when God asks them to give an offering to build the tabernacle. The wilderness is definitely the WRONG time to start a building project, but God said BUILD IT NOW!

Has there ever been a time where God prompted you to do something that made no sense?

Did you follow through or not?

What was the result?

God's desire was made clear when he said he wanted a tabernacle so he could, "Dwell among them." This is key to understanding the power of God's Spirit in our movement. God had been leading Israel from ABOVE. Now, He wanted to go from dwelling above to dwelling AMONG.

When was the first time in your life you realized that God was with you?

How has knowing Jesus practically impacted your life?

How do you feel when you think about playing a role in bringing that hope to others?

This is what we do when our Movement expands. The spirit of God lives in the life of every Believer. God in seen by this world when his followers shine His light in their everyday life. At MetaChurch, we have run out of space to bring more people into the Movement on the West Side and it is time to make more Space for more Souls to meet God's Spirit!


Pastor Clayton closed his service by asking us to Pray and Prepare for Pledge Day on October 18th. This is the day we will make our financial contribution official! This will be the day where we continue to do Whatever It Takes to reach more people!

Your application this week is simple:

Every day, PRAY for God to impress on your heart what a Sacrifice means for you - and PREPARE to make that sacrifice on the 18th.

You may be in a season of real hardship and what you can give does not seem like much. God can use it! You may be in a season of plenty and God is challenging you to give more than you have before. Perhaps you have not been great with money and your sacrifice is organizing your finances to enable your generosity.


It is easy in a fundraising campaign to get caught up on numbers and construction and square footage. Spend time in prayer focusing on what really matters - the mission. We do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get people to Jesus. Ask God to soften your heart for people in our City who do not know Him yet. Let the reality of the opportunity in front of us sink in to your heart and your mind. Pray for God to move in our hearts and prepare us for the work ahead!


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