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rap sheet 11/22/20

Message: Water - Water - Water

REVIEW: This Sunday, we looked at the life of Moses. Water was a recurring theme and a major obstacle in Moses' life! We also saw that he was given a tool to use for confidence - his shepherds staff. God took this confidence and put Moses in positions to turn obstacles into incredible opportunities!

What part of Moses' story surprised you?

What is something new you learned about his life?

At the end of his life, Moses needed water for the Israelite people. God commanded him to speak to a rock and water would come flowing out. However, Moses stepped up and STRUCK the rock with his staff. This is a move he had used 40 years earlier! While water did come out, his disobedience cost him his destiny. Moses was not allowed to enter into the Promised Land.

God was moving Israel into a new season and NEW SEASONS require NEW STRATEGIES.

When have you moved into a new season of your own life?

What things had to change to make that new season work?

Almost every major miracle Moses had been a part of, he had used his staff in some way. It was, after all, the very thing God had given to him for confidence! However, God wanted Moses to speak to the rock. Perhaps God needed Moses to realize that his strength did not actually come from the Staff, but from God.

God is the source of our provision. Moses had confused his Staff with the Source!


We all have our "Water." In other words, we all face obstacles. Maybe there has even been a theme to the challenges you have faced in life. Perhaps you have always struggled in relationships or with your money or addictions.

We also tend to have our own "Staff." These are the things in this world that we put our hope in when we should be looking to God for our help.


What is your "Staff" (The thing you turn to when life is hard), and what is ONE WAY you can begin to put your hope in God, instead of that thing?

I Believe God is calling us into a new season. You have a life of promise to live, and God wants you to live it to the fullest! However, New seasons require New strategies. We cannot continue putting our hope in things of this world.


Spend some time seeking God and asking him to reveal the "Staffs" in your life. Be brutally honest about where your hope is. Seek the Holy Spirit each day and allow it to guide you into truth. Meditate on Jesus and all that He has done for you and given you. Remember that God has a purpose for your life, and let that motivate you to move into the life of promise you were meant for!


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