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RAP SHEET 11/26/23

Series: Cancelled Conversations

Sermon: Transgenderism

Scripture: Genesis 1:27

ICE BREAKER: What was your favorite home-cooked meal growing up?


This week we talked about the major issue in culture on the topic of identity - Transgenderism. We acknowledged this is just about the DEEPEST conversation we can have as humans. And that’s because it goes all the way down to our:

ONTOLOGY - The Nature of BEING

In other words, it gets to the question of WHO WE ARE and more importantly HOW WE KNOW WHO WE ARE. What we have to seek to find as Christians is what scripture reveals about our Ontology. And when it comes to Gender Dysphoria THE QUESTION IS:


In the last 50 years, a new argument emerged that there are possibly MORE than 2 sexes and that Sex and Gender are not tied together. Instead, Gender is something that is entirely socially constructed.

Therefore, the argument goes, you can have a different Gender than your Biological Sex and until you bring your sex into alignment with your gender you will not be able to fully function or thrive in the world.

This argument is in stark contrast to what science has shown for all of modern history, and it is incongruent with the truth of scripture.

Genesis tells us, and Jesus affirms:

Genesis 1

27 So God created man in his own image; he created him in the image of God; he created them male and female.

We learned that the word "IMAGE" is the greek word "TSELEM" which is usually translated "Idol." Idols in scripture are almost always a bad thing! An idol is a visible representation of an invisible false god. However, we are GOD'S Tselem - the visible representation of the invisible TRUE GOD!

Just like an idol would be carved, built, molded, or shaped to exactly portray what pagans thought of their false gods - we have been precisely designed to Image the one true God.

Male and Female are speaking of our biological sex - not a gender construct in scripture. The rest of the Bible testifies to the importance of using our God given bodies to worship God. Our sexed bodies are apart of God's creative intent and how we rightfully worship Him.

Theologically, we believe in our future bodily resurrection. Our glorified bodies will be sexed according to how God created us. A huge part of our job on earth is to live out NOW the Kingdom lifestyle we will receive after this life. This includes embracing and presenting as our birthed sex to the glory of God who made us.

Culturally, what is being defined as "Gender" now really breaks down into basic GENDER STEREOTYPES. The truth is, some percentage of people do not neatly fit into traditional gender stereotypes. This is true for many heroes of scripture, including Jesus!

The Christian movement made room for those who do not neatly fit into the cultural expectations of their given sex to still be seen as fully man or fully woman and live their life with purpose and on purpose!

Sadly, our culture today often sees a young person not fit into cultural norms and jumps to the conclusion that they should be transitioned to a different gender. This is not only scripturally incorrect, it is socially and psychologically incredibly damaging.


We have to remember that this is an issue involving REAL people going through REAL suffering. The path for someone with Gender Dysphoria to embrace their God-given sex will require sacrifice and struggle. Like we have seen all series long, the path to following Jesus is a high calling and we must count the cost!

Throughout this series we are using the template from week 1 to help us know how to apply these truths to our life. In week 1 we learned that ANYONE can come to Jesus and be given eternal life. Believing in Jesus is completely free!

We also learned that to FOLLOW Jesus costs us! Jesus said:

Matthew 16

24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

The Invitation to BELIEVE in Jesus Is COME TO THE CROSS And Gain Eternal Life

The Invitation to FOLLOW Jesus Is CARRY YOUR CROSS & Die To Yourself

The culture pushes HARD on issues of Identity. Even if what scripture reveals is difficult, or unpopular, we are expected to follow Jesus!

As believers we are called to affirm who people are IN CHRIST. That they have purpose and potential and were made for a life of impact! We also must submit our lives to God's word and embrace who he made us.

The questions for this series are the same every week.

Based on what we have learned about this topic:

What does it mean to DENY MYSELF

What CROSS am I supposed to carry?


Ask God for wisdom navigating this topic in our culture. If you have a hardened hard toward those struggling with Identity issues, ask Jesus to soften your heart so you can shine the brightest light possible in our world.


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