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RAP SHEET 11/28/21

Sermon: ThankFULL

Scripture: Genesis 3

ICE BREAKER: Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory!


This week we learned that COMPARISON is the great enemy of Contentment. God made humans and placed them in a perfect garden. They could eat from every tree except for one! Eventually, they began to compare that one tree to the others and ate its. This shows the power of Comparison! Before they were disobedient they were discontent!

What areas of your life do you tend to compare yourself to others?

What have you become discontent with because of comparison?

It is near impossible to be thankful for what we have when we are constantly looking at what everyone else has. If we fail to be thankful, we will end up resentful! Worse still, when your attention is on everyone else, you don't have the capacity to steward the life you DO have. This almost guarantees that you will stay stuck and not progress toward the life God desires for you.

So often we think our life would be better if God would give us more blessings. The truth is, we don't have a Blessing problem - we have a Boundary problem! The things other people have are outside of the boundaries of your life. If we can be content with what we have, God may be able to trust us with even more!



What is ONE AREA where you are currently comparing yourself to others that instead you will choose to be thankful for what you already have?

Speak this out loud and allow your team to hold you accountable to it!


Exercise your gratitude by voicing a prayer of some things you are grateful for. Acknowledge the areas where you have been comparing yourself and have lost contentment. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and keep you in your boundaries!


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