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RAP SHEET 11/6/22

Series: When a Heart Breaks

Sermon: Go and See

Scripture: Mark 6:30-38

ICE BREAKER: When is the first time you remember seeing a real need in the community around you?


This week, we continued our When a Heart Breaks series by looking at another example of Jesus being "moved to COMPASSION." We have been studying this unique greek word, "Splagchnizomai," translated as Moved to Compassion but paints a picture of a gut-wrenching, stomach-turning, guttural emotion that COMPELS someone to take action. We have been saying it this way:



In our world of instant information, we are bombarded by problems from every corner of the globe. This has created a psychological issue called the "Drop in the Bucket Effect." It is a form of compassion fatigue where your mind becomes so overwhelmed with the enormity of the problems around us that you feel your best efforts to help will be a "drop in the bucket."

Have you ever experienced the Drop in the Bucket Effect?

Do you remember what problem(s) overwhelmed you?

We observe this happen to the disciples of Jesus in Mark chapter 6. The feeding of the 5,000 is one of the most famous stories in scripture. Jesus and the disciples have been ministering NON-STOP... they hadn't even taken time to eat. Jesus decides they will go to a desolate place to rest. However, when they arrive, 20,000 people from the surrounding villages come out in a massive mob to see Jesus and hear him preach.

After some time, the disciples said, "SEND THEM they can eat." What are they going to do to satisfy 20,000 people? Even if they pooled ALL their money or shared ALL their resources, it would simply be a DROP in the bucket!

Jesus is not satisfied with that answer, and his heart has already been MOVED TO COMPASSION. Interestingly, Jesus was not compassionate because of their hunger - Mark tells us his Compassion came because the people were "like sheep without a shepherd." This shows us a HUGE shift we need to make if we are going to have Jesus' type of Compassion.

Our COMPASSION is usually focused on PROBLEMS

Jesus' COMPASSION is always focused on PEOPLE

Jesus wanted his disciples to experience this, so he told them to "GO AND SEE." In other words, he sent them into the crowd among the people. Instead of sitting back and observing the problem of the thousands, they had to go and see the plight of the individuals. Again, this teaches us:

The key to COMPASSION is PROXIMITY to the people!

Peter finds five loaves of bread and two small fish, and Jesus miraculously divides that meal until all 20,000 people are satisfied!


The Drop in the Bucket Effect is real, and it's true in a sense. You, on your own, do not have what it takes to solve the MASSIVE problems facing our world. However, Jesus has called us to follow HIS example and Go and See. To be aware of the Problems but to focus on the People in front of us.

This is how the movement of Jesus MOVES and begins to change the world!

What opportunity have you been missing in your everyday life to show Compassion to the people around you?

(This could be in your home, at work, in a social action setting, with extended family, to your friend group... ANYWHERE there are people, there is a chance for Compassion!)

What practical first step will you take to GO and SEE the people who need to be shown compassion?

This is what Jesus did for us! Before he came to earth, Jesus was in a state of perfection, and he had everything he needed AND a front-row seat to the greatest of all problems - the sin of humankind. Our constant rebellion against God is the root of ALL other problems, and the magnitude of the issue is unmatched!

What could be done to heal the heart of humanity?!

Thank God that Jesus did not just sit at a distance and observe the PROBLEM; at the fullness of time, he came to earth and touched the PEOPLE. Jesus has a GO and SEE kind of Compassion.

When Jesus went to the cross, he did it to pay the price of every sin - past, present, and future - that you would ever commit. Everything that separates you from God has been dealt with! All Jesus asks is that you believe in what He has done.

If you have already or are ready today to put your trust in Jesus - then your next step is baptism. I pray you will sign up and show up to celebrate what our Compassionate Savior has done in your life!


Spend some time asking the Holy Spirit to guide you towards opportunities to Go and See the needs of the people around you. Ask God to soften your heart and MOVE you to Compassion.


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