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Rap Sheet 11/8/20

Series: Whatever It Takes

Message: Partisan Piety


How do we Disagree and not Divide? That is the theme of Romans chapter 14.

2020 has been an incredibly divisive year! Things have only been exacerbated by the Presidential Election. Politics seems to be the new religion in America and people have staked their hope on the outcome of races for government positions.

How have you seen the religion of politics in your social circle?

What effect do you see it having on the world around you?

The Apostle Paul was writing to an incredibly diverse Roman church. They had deep seated, emotional beliefs that were often in conflict with other members of the church. Paul took two examples and used them as a lens to see how we can still Move Together in the midst of differences of opinion.

How has this election season weighed on you emotionally?

How often do you fall into the trap of putting your hope in politician(s)?

After talking through the examples of differences, Paul takes us to the Judgment Seat of Christ. Romans 14 is a plea to EXPAND our PERSPECTIVE. We no longer feel devastated by the loss of our 4th grade crush or not making the 9th grade football team. Those emotions at the time are every bit as real as the emotions we feel over this election! The difference is not the emotions themselves - the difference is a wider perspective on the world.

Jesus offers us the ultimate perspective! He is a constant reminder that we are not living for this world, we are living for eternity. That means our ultimate goal is not to win the White House, we are here to win souls. It means you can lose an election and still Win for the Kingdom. Looking to Jesus broadens our perspective and helps us prioritize what actually matters.

We can lose in Politics, and still win with People. We can Disagree and not have to Divide!


As always, we believe the information of the message is only as meaningful as the application of those truths. That means it is time to get honest!

How have you allowed politics to affect you this year?

How many political fights in person or online have you allowed to damage your witness?

What would your life look like if you trusted God with the outcome, no matter what?


What is ONE WAY you will broaden your perspective on life this week?

In other words, how will you focus on Jesus so you can properly manage your priorities and live out your purpose?


Spend some time praying for our nation. Pray for those in your own political party, that they will have peace during this time. Pray that we can both win and lose with grace! Ask God to stir up the hearts of His people. Seek the Holy Spirit as a constant reminder that you are living for a different world. Be still and know that He is God and He is good!


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