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RAP SHEET 12/5/21

Sermon: Rent or Own?

Scripture: Joshua 4

ICE BREAKER: What was your favorite part of the new building?


This week we looked at the Israelites journey through the Jordan river. This path transformed them from Renters of the Wilderness to Owners of the Promised Land. The change from renting to owning can be a big one! While it is preferable to own, renting has some advantages - mainly that it is easier!

When you own something, all the responsibility falls on you! There are many areas of life where we take on a renters mindset like our careers and relationships. We do not really invest all that we are and all that we have into them. Instead, we put in minimal effort and try to get something out of it while we can.

We think this will lead to a happier life because culture claims that happiness comes through convenience. The truth is, the satisfaction and significance we are looking for comes through living a life of purpose and taking ownership of what we are involved in.

When have you taken on a renters mindset in the past?

When is a time you really decided to take ownership of something?

The Israelites crossed through the Jordan River and then God sent some of them back into the middle to gather 12 stones. Theses stones were then set up in a monument so they could remember what God had done for them.

Ownership can be taxing! This story teaches us the power of our memories.



MetaChurch just moved from renters to owners of our space. We saw a miracle happen to get us there! we MUST remember the struggles during the season of renting if we are going to fully embrace the opportunities ahead of us! We have to stay intensely focused on reaching people who would never step foot in any other church. We must continue to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get people to Jesus!


What is ONE AREA of your life where you have a RENTERS mindset?

This is something that you consistently take the easy way out on. Perhaps it is how you steward your money, or navigate dating relationships, or how you approach your work. Maybe you are married, but if you're honest you treat it more like you are renting the relationship - not pouring your whole self into it.

What is ONE WAY you will take OWNERSHIP of that area this week?


Spend some time thanking God for how he has moved in this movement. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you are renting and ask Jesus for the strength to take ownership of your life.


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