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RAP SHEET 2/28/21

Series: Whatever It Takes

Sermon: Shoot Your Shot / Strike the Ground

Scripture: 2 Kings 13:14-19

ICE BREAKER: Are there any interesting things your name spells with the letters rearranged?


This week we circled back in on MetaChurch's "Whatever It Takes" campaign. Last October we began pushing hard to fund a new, permanent facility for MetaChurch to meet together and move together at a greater capacity.

To get perspective on how we continue to do Whatever It Takes to reach more people, we looked at an interesting story in the Old Testament book of 2 Kings. This is the story of the great prophet Elisha's death and the wicked king Jehoash's shortcomings.

Jehoash was an idol worshipper. He turned his back on the one true God and worshipped the false gods of the surrounding nations. Because of this, he was getting beat up by the Arameans - a rival nation. Elisha was the Kingdom's only hope because he always had the perfect advice; and, of course he did! Elisha was a prophet that spoke on behalf of God Himself!

Now, the King heard Elisha was dying. Jehoash ran to his bedside terrified of what would happen if he did not have access to Elisha's wisdom.

Isn't it interesting that often we don't realize we need God until things in our life fall apart?

Where have you seen that play out in your life or the life of someone you know?

Elisha tells the king to shoot an arrow out of the East window - straight toward the territory that the Arameans had conquered! When Jehoash drew back the bow, Elisha came and put his hands on top of the kings' hands. This was a sign, and a promise, that God would ensure that battle was won.

God told the king to SHOOT YOUR SHOT! This is the first step of faith. To see the Windows of Opportunity that God is putting in front of you and to trust Him EVEN when you can't see the whole picture.

Israel is guaranteed to win a Battle, but they aren't guaranteed to win the war. Next, Elisha tells the King to take the remaining arrows and to "Strike the ground" with them. This is an awkward and uncomfortable action and so the king only goes halfway. Instead of emptying the quiver of ALL the arrows as instructed, he struck 3 arrows and then stopped.

Elisha gave him the bad news, because he stopped short he would win 3 battles but would not win the war!


This story teaches us the powerful dynamic between God's OMNIPOTENCE (endless power) and our OBEDIENCE.

Because of His Power we can have faith to shoot our shot! Victory belongs to the Lord and He will see us through. However, God doesn't just want an acknowledgment of our faith, he wants faith in action! We must be willing to strike the ground!

Some people spend their whole lives praying for the BIG change they want to see, but never want to do the little steps of obedience to get there! They are willing to trust the Window, but not strike the ground!

At MetaChurch, we are pursuing a BIG dream. We see a Window of Opportunity to reach more people. We have officially shot the first arrow! Now, we must strike the ground. No matter how uncomfortable it makes us, or how many strikes it takes - we must empty the quiver!

This week's application was two-fold:

1) What Can You Give?

All of us must do our part to ensure that MetaChurch thrives, and that includes giving sacrificially to it. We give FIRST to the general operations of the Movement and THEN we give above and beyond to the Whatever It Takes campaign. You can give to operations at and you can set up your 3 year pledge to get this building built at

If everyone, will give everything that they can give - GOD WILL DO THE REST!

2) Who Do I Know?

This question is part of striking the ground. It is also one of the most uncomfortable things we can do. However, following through on this has led us to some incredible potential partners and donors already. There are like-minded people who will join us in this dream if we are bold enough to strike the ground and ask!


Spend some time praying over this campaign. Remind yourself that we are responsible for our obedience and God is capable because of his unending power. It is the Lord who brings the victory!


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