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RAP SHEET 2/7/21

Series: Reboot

Sermon: Reveal

Scripture: Colossians 3:5-14

ICE BREAKER: What was your favorite childhood birthday and why?


This week we learned the power of Scripture to Reveal truths in our lives. The Big Idea is:


Scripture Must REVEAL

The majority of Christ Followers do not consistently read the Bible. The truths that we need to live our life on are in the very Bibles that we so often leave unopened.

Sunday, we looked at a simple way that Scripture functions in our lives and built our confidence in reading and applying it to our lives.

Scripture Reveals like a MIRROR through REFLECTION

Scripture Reveals like a WINDOW through PROJECTION

To help learn this, we looked at Colossians 3. The Apostle Paul used his words to hold up a mirror to the parts of our life that don't line up to God's standard. In the same passage, he also uses this teaching as a Window into our future and our purpose if we follow the life God has for us.

In this way, the Bible is like a 2-way mirror. At first look it is a mirror that reflects back to you the reality of where you are and how you are living. However, if you look deeper, it also is a window that projects the significant life we can live by pursuing God's purpose for our life.

Both the mirror and window aspect of Scripture are essential! If we only see it as a mirror, we will only focus on ourself. This can cause narcissism and arrogance. Seeing our true selves in the mirror of scripture, and realizing that we fall short of the example of Jesus is critical. The problem comes when we wallow in our sin instead of allowing scripture to point us forward. If we only ever look at the Window without acknowledging the broken parts of our story, our faith will be shallow and our reality will be artificial.

If we allow both the mirror and window of scripture to Reveal who we are and who we could be, we will stand on the unshakable truths of scripture and live the life of purpose we so badly desire. If we let Scripture Reveal, we can live a Rebooted life!


There is only one way to really begin the process of application this week - READ SCRIPTURE! Now that we have a simple tool to interpret what it may be saying to us, we simply must begin making it a habit in our life to open our Bibles.


What is ONE WAY you will apply the truth's learned about scripture this week?

Pastor Clayton suggested to start by downloading the YOUVERSION Bible app. Start by getting the verse of the day sent to your smartphone as an alert. Meditate on that verse. Ask yourself, "how is this a mirror into my life?" "How is this a window into my future?"


Spend some time asking God to give you the confidence to approach scripture and the fortitude to make it a real habit in your life rhythm. Seek the Holy Spirit as you read Scripture and listen for what It may be impressing on your heart.


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