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RAP SHEET 3/13/22

Sermon: Keep Running the Race!

Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3

ICE BREAKER: What was your greatest athletic achievement growing up (elementary PE counts!)?


This week, Pastor Andrew Richardson encouraged us to Keep Running the Race of Faith that Jesus has set out before us. When life gets hard, and the world around us gets crazy, it's easy to grow weary in our walk with Jesus. Andrew gave us three keys to staying strong and finishing well in the race of our lives!

First, Take off the weights! There are all kinds of hindrances in our lives. Not all of these are sins or even necessarily bad things. However, they are things that are weighing you down in life. Habits, expectations, thought-patterns, etc. A race is hard enough to run on it's own; if you are adding resistance by keeping hindrances in your life, it will be so much harder!

What is something that might be a hindrance in your life right now?

Second, we learned to Change our Perspective. Hebrews 12 says that the race of our faith has been "Set before us." This means that this isn't actually OUR race, it belongs to Jesus. He made the arrangements, paid the entry fee, bought the running gear, and now all we have to do is run with him. The race has a purpose beyond our own glory and even beyond our own life. If we can begin to understand that this life we are living - the race that God has given us - is for something bigger and something greater than we will have the perspective we need to keep running!

Last, Hebrews encourages us to Focus on the Finisher. To navigate the Christian life, we have to realize that we are not the star of the show! To run well, we have to change our perspective and realize our life should be fully focused on Jesus!

What are some things distracting you from focusing on Jesus day to day?




Which of these big ideas was most relevant to your life right now and what is ONE WAY you will apply what you have learned to your life?


Spend some time praying through these three steps. Ask God to show you what is hindering you from experiencing the fullness of the life you have been gifted. Let the Holy Spirit know your desire for a changed perspective. Spend some time in silence and simply focus on Jesus and all that he offers you!


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