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RAP SHEET 3/20/22

Sermon: You Get What You Need

Scripture: 2 Kings 5

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather get 1 small wish per year granted (incremental raise, lose 5 lbs, property tax go down 3%) OR one HUGE wish granted one time?


This week, Pastor Noel helped us learn how to get what we NEED.

We all have WANTS, and those desires often become the main drivers of our thoughts and actions. However, we often get what we want only to find that it doesn't truly satisfy.

If you're honest, what is the thing you want MOST in life right now?

What do you think will change if you get what you want?

How will it affect you, if you ultimately do NOT get that thing?

We looked in the Old Testament at a man named Naaman who had a skin disease. He was incredibly successful, but the thing he wanted most was to be cured and resume a normal, disease free, life. Naaman and his wife had taken an Israelite girl as their servant and she told him he should go visit Israel's prophet. She believed that the power of the one true God could heal Naaman, and he thought anything was worth a shot!

Naaman went to Israel, but instead of visiting the prophet, he visited the King. Naaman was a powerful man, so he went to the person with the most power. The King knew he could not help Naaman and was shocked that he had come to him with a request for healing. Finally, Naaman decided to go to the prophet, but the prophet - Elisha - would not come out to see him!

This infuriated Naaman and he let his frustrations be made known. Elisha told him to go bathe in the Jordan river and he would be healed. However, Naaman wanted to go home to his own, superior, rivers!

At every turn, Naaman refused to submit to the Process that God was laying out for him. Finally, Naaman relented and followed the instructions of Elisha. After bathing in the Jordan, Naaman was completely healed of his disease. Even more importantly, he had a real encounter with the one, true God!


Naaman was not able to receive what he wanted until he was willing to submit to God's process. The same is true in our lives. We tend to focus on our Desires, while God is inviting us on a journey of trusting him to give us what we NEED.

To find fulfillment in this life, we must seek what GOD wants for us - even if it costs us what we think we WANT. In the process of following God, we will get so much more than we could ever imagine. Perhaps what you want, and what God wants for you, will line up. Perhaps the thing you want would be the worst thing that could happen to you.

You can't always get what you want - but if you follow God you WILL get what you NEED!


What is the ONE THING you want that takes up the most room in your head, heart, and actions and what is ONE WAY you can choose to submit that desire to God?


Ask God to show you whether the Desires of your heart are lined up with his purpose for your life. Seek perspective on how to follow God actively in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a proper handle on your desires.


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