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RAP SHEET 4/11/21

Series: I Am

Sermon: I am the Resurrection and the Life

Scripture: John 11

ICE BREAKER: Everyone share where your favorite Summer Vacation spot is!


In the 6th week of the "I Am" series, Jesus declared:

"I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE."

These words were spoken the night before Jesus died. He was in the upper room with his disciples. Judas had already left to betray Him. Peter was just told that he would straight-up deny Jesus 3 times. Things really could not have been heavier than in that moment!

Right then Jesus begins to encourage the disciples. He lets them know that even in the worst times, God has a plan for our lives.

Have you ever been at a low point and experienced a glimmer of hope?

What did that look like? How did it feel?

Jesus says that He is going to prepare a place for them in his Father's house. He even promises that He is going to return to take them there at some point.

This metaphor is confusing and Thomas, one of the disciples, wants to know how to get there. This is when Jesus lets him know - I AM the Way!

This is a fundamental truth to the Christian life. Jesus is the only way to the life that we are called to live, both now and in eternity! However, to pave that way, Jesus had to go through something that only He was qualified to go through - Jesus had to go to the cross.

Our path to our purpose took Jesus right to the cross. Jesus had to die, in order to defeat death itself; and that is exactly what He did! When Jesus died, and rose again, he proved that his is the seat of all truth, the creator of all life, and the only way to the destiny we were created for!


Baptism is one way that we display our commitment to follow THE WAY that is Jesus. The same way that He died, was buried, and rose again - baptism symbolizes our own death, burial, and resurrection.

We are dead to our own WAYS of living life, we are buried in the truth that is Jesus, and we are raised again to walk the new Life of Christ in us.

Water baptism is a one-time event, but dying to our own WAYS is a day by day and moment by moment decision.

What are some areas in life where you have been looking for the right WAYs to live instead of looking to Jesus?

What are some truths that you often look to that you aren't sure actually come from God?

What is ONE WAY you will look to Jesus as the Way, Truth, and Life this week?


Spend some time praying for all those who were baptized on Sunday. Ask God to protect and guide them. Pray that they would strive to look to Jesus as the only WAY.


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