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RAP SHEET 4/18/21

Series: I Am

Sermon: Contingency Plan

Scripture: John 15

ICE BREAKER: Who was your first best friend and where did you meet them?


This Sunday, we looked at the last IAm7 in John's Gospel - I am the Vine!

This passage contains deep truths about how a believer lives a fruitful life. In this metaphor a fruitful life is a life that is being used for it's intended purpose. A grape vine is not meant to make milk, or metal, or jelly beans (although that would be awesome). A grape vine produces grapes!

In the same way, there is nothing more fulfilling than our lives to result in the purpose that God placed deep inside of us! We know that the BIG picture is to bring God glory and to do whatever it takes to get more people to Jesus. In addition, the more we abide in Jesus - the more we spend real time with Him - the more we understand our purpose that is unique to who we are, the talents we have, what God has given us, and how we contribute to God's kingdom.

Share a time that you felt your life was really purposeful.

What was that like?

Are you experiencing that now?

Jesus shared this metaphor the night before He died. He was laying out the Contingency Plan for his followers to keep pushing the movement forward after he physically leaves earth. It all boils down to our love for one another!


Do you feel like you are currently attached to Jesus?

If not, what are some things you could do to change that?

If so, what fruit do you see your life producing?

One of the best ways for us to stay attached is to stay in community with other "branches." We do this at MetaChurch through our life teams. Perhaps you need to solidify your commitment to being involved in your current life team. Maybe you need to decide to join one. For some of you, you are currently attending one, but feel God may be calling you to start your own - opening up more opportunity for others to get connected.



Spend some time praying for the new Life Teams that are starting up! Ask God to help those Teams bring life and purpose to those who attend. Thank God for making a way for us to live fruitful lives.


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