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RAP Sheet 4/19/20

Message: Emergency


This week we saw what the Movement's response is in a time of Emergency.

First, we had to get clear on where God is during these tough times. By looking through some different stories, we saw that God always Emerges In Emergency.

What does it mean to you during this pandemic to really trust that God is with you in it?

What has made it hard to have faith with everything going on around you?

After realizing that God is fighting for us, we also saw that He is fighting IN us! The way that God reaches out to a hurting world, is through His movement - the Church! With the spirit of God inside of us, we are called to Emerge and See in the midst of an Emergency.

Have you ever seen yourself as God's plan for bringing hope to the world?

How does this Coronavirus make that reality even clearer to you?

The greatest Pandemic in history is the disease of sin that separates us all from God. Because Jesus Emerged into that ultimate Emergency, we now have the capacity to carry on his legacy of love and hope!



What is one way you can Emerge and See, in this Emergency?

In other words, how do you personally rise above the fear, confusion, anger, politics, etc., to find opportunities to show the love of Jesus to the people around you?

Try to make your application as practical as possible and relevant to your real life!


Pray that God will make the opportunities around you clear.

If you have struggled to see Jesus in the midst of this storm with you, Pray and ask that He would help your faith increase.

Pray for those who are hurting and need the hope of Jesus!


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