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RAP SHEET 6/12/22

Sermon: Home Team

Scripture: Matthew 16:18 / Acts 2:46

ICE BREAKER: How did you end up a fan of your favorite sports team?


This week, we honed in on the real purpose of the Church. A vision message is something we do from time to time at MetaChurch, but it is essential to keep the clarity of WHO WE ARE in front of us!

The world we are living in has bought 3 lies of what the Church is supposed to be, and those lies have a way of seeping into our own understanding if we are not vigilant!

Three lies of the modern Church:

-It is a Place

-It is an Organization

-It is a Meeting

Have you ever viewed Church more as a place or building, instead of a movement of people?

What led you to that belief?

We looked across scripture and saw that the word "church" is used for Large Gatherings, it is used to talk about people as Individuals, and it references Small Gatherings in people's homes. The church as Jesus intended it is far from a religious ceremony where you check a box and go about your life! The Church is meant to be a powerful force, moving and creating change on the earth!


We ended the message by talking about the purpose and necessity of our Life Teams! Our job as the Movement of Jesus is to apply the truths of God into our real life experience. APPLICATION HAPPENS IN COMMUNITY! It takes accountability and authenticity to truly live out your God-given purpose.

One of our goals is for Life Teams to eventually produce new Life Team leaders from inside the group! This is how the early church functioned and spread around the world. An Apostle would come plant a church, leaders would grow the members of that church, a member would feel a call to go start a new church, and the leadership would bless them, equip them, and send them out!

Our goal is to be as much like that early church as possible!


What difference does it make in your life to have a correct view of what the Church (The movement of Jesus) actually is?

If it really is YOUR movement, how does that change where church sits in your life's priorities? What implications does it have for the function of Sunday morning in your life? How does it correct some false views of church you may have grown up with?


Spend some time praying that God will continue to grow our Life Team ministry. We are convinced that community is essential to seeing the full power of MetaChurch unleashed in our world!


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