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RAP SHEET 6/20/21


Sermon: First Principles


Would You Rather have a photographic memory or an IQ of 200?


This week we began building a framework for proper prioritization. We asked whether we are making decisions based on FIRST PRINCIPLES or FIRST PERCEPTIONS.

First Principles are when you boil a problem down to their most fundamental state. You can do this by asking yourself "WHY" you do something, finding the answer, and then asking "WHY" again!

Why am I spending so much time on my phone?

I guess it is because I feel uncomfortable.

Why do I feel uncomfortable?

I don't really know many people at work.

Why don't I know many people at work?

I guess I don't really trust anyone I work with.

Why don't I trust anyone I..............

KEEP going until you run out of answers. If you have rigorously explored the topic, you have likely found the FIRST PRINCIPLE that is setting the priority for you.

This takes time, energy, and effort. Because of that, most people aren't making First Principle Decisions - they are living life off their FIRST PERCEPTION. Instead of doing the work to get intentional about our lives, we just "go with our gut" or "follow our feelings."

First Perceptions are when we use analogy to rationalize our wrongdoing, appeal to some form of authority to pacify our conscience, or simply live with the arrogance to think we already have life figured out.

How often do you do the work to find out the First Principles behind your priorities?

What keeps you from doing that work?

We looked at scripture to discover the 2 First Principles we should start with as followers of Jesus. The first is seen in the life of King Josiah. Josiah inherited Israel's throne from a lineage of evil. Surprisingly, Josiah ruled very well. However, the nation was still trapped in cycles of sin.

All of that changed when the scriptures were found, tucked away in the back corner of the temple. The King, now 26 years old, had NEVER read the scripture before! When he did, it changed everything.


Next, we looked at Jesus in his interactions with the religious leaders of his time. they understood the technical words of scripture but not the heart behind it! The written word was in front of them, but the LIVING WORD was not inside of them!


Josiah had the Spirit part down, but no scriptures to give authority to his plans. The religious leaders had the scripture but not the Spirit to rightly discern them.


Where the Scriptures and the Spirit come together in our life, we receive the knowledge of WHAT to do and the wisdom of HOW to do it! The intersection of Scripture and Spirit, the written and living Word of God, are the First Principle to how we live life!

Some people really seek the Spirit of God in their lives. However, the Spirit is desperate to speak to us through the guiding and correcting of the Scriptures. Josiah was a great king, but the land was still taking part in perverse actions and activities!

Some people search the scriptures but do so solely off their own knowledge and power. We have all known angry, judgmental Christians who use the Bible as a bludgeon against people they don't like!

What is ONE WAY you will prioritize Scripture and the Spirit this week?

If you aren't reading scripture, download the YouVersion app and start a reading plan. However, don't just read without also asking God to really speak to you.

Search the Scriptures

Seek the Spirit.

Be consistent - You may not have your whole life put in order after one morning of a reading plan. Allow God time to do His work in your life!


Spend time intentionally praying for greater awareness of Jesus and his movement in your life. We have been promised that the Holy Spirit is with us. Take time each day to be still an quiet. Talk to God before you make decisions or when life is hard.


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