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Rap sheet 6/21/20

Message: Look Up!


This week, Pastor Witte helped us realize the sad truth - when life gets hard we start looking around for hope. We look to celebrities, politicians, spouses, money, drugs, sex, and anything else we think will alleviate the pain!

What are some things you have looked around to when suffering comes?

How has this turned out for you during this pandemic?

The Psalmists asked the question: "I look to the hills, where does my help come from?" Even as Jesus followers, we often look for something else to be led by. When life is good it can be easy to follow Jesus; however, when life gets hard it can be a different story!

The Psalmists concludes, "My help comes from the LORD the maker of heaven and earth!"

This teaches us a simple, but profound truth, we are not called to look around, we are called to LOOK UP!



What is ONE WAY you will look UP instead of AROUND this week?

To start, you may need to identify where you've been looking around. Get honest about what you have been putting your hope in! Ask why you are doing this? What is at the root of it?

If you dig deep enough, you will probably find that you have a misunderstanding of your Heavenly Father who wants to love you and give you peace!


Spend some time asking God to show you where you are trusting more in the things around you than in God above you. Once you begin to look up, ask the Holy Spirit to show you ways you can LOOK OUT For those around you. This isn't a movement if we don't move!


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