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RAP SHEET 6/25/23

Series: MADE TO...

Sermon: Walk By Faith

Scripture: Acts 16:6-10

ICE BREAKER: What is a decision you have made that seemed crazy but worked out for you in the end?


This week we looked at a sequence of events during Paul's second missionary journey. Paul and his crew had set out to take the gospel into the area they called "Asia" but were stopped by the Holy Spirit. Next, they tried to go north and were once again not allowed! Finally, Paul had a vision of a man across the sea in Macedonia crying out for help. The missionaries followed that vision and it changed the world!

First, it brought the gospel across the sea to Europe. Second, it started a chain of churches that became a base of operations and support for Paul's ministry. Last, this trip is where Paul met Luke who joined him for the rest of his journey. Luke went on to write the most historically rich of the four Gospels and the book of Acts!

When has God shut a door in your life that you now are grateful for in retrospect?


Many Christians struggle to Walk By Faith. They do not feel like they are experiencing the Holy Spirit in their life. This short account in Acts 16 lays out a template for us to follow. First we have to GET MOVING!

Remember, you can't steer a parked car. God has already revealed what we are called to do in the scriptures. Following the scriptures IS being led by the Spirit since the Holy Spirit inspired the men who wrote the scriptures. Do not sit and wait on a miraculous sign from God to start doing the basics of sharing your story, spreading the gospel, loving people unconditionally, etc.

Once you GET MOVING, you have to KEEP LISTENING.

The first questions for a believer who doesn't feel the Holy Spirit in their life are, "Are you in the word? Are you spending time in prayer? Are you in christian community?" To live a Spirit Led Life you have to participate in Spirit Filled Things!

Finally, once you GET MOVING and ensure that you KEEP LISTENING - STAY OPEN

The Holy Spirit will change some of your plans! Paul's intentions for going into Asia were pure, it just wasn't the right time! When God shuts a door, do not kick it in out of frustration! Choose to follow the path that the Holy Spirit lays out for you!


What step are you at in your journey to Walk By Faith: Get Moving, Keep Listening, or Stay Open? What is ONE THING you will do this week to take the next step?


Ask the Holy Spirit to show you anything keeping you stuck in life. Commit to taking one step toward walking by faith this week!


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