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RAP Sheet 6/28/2020

MESSAGE: Master Class


This week we got a "Master Class" on the greatest commandment: To Love God and Love People!"

The Bible can seem pretty complicated! In the Old Testament, there are countless rules and regulations. Some of them seem really wild compared to our modern culture! Then, in the New Testament, it seems there is a shift in mood. What explains all of this?

What has confused you about the Bible in the past?

Has it ever felt discouraging not understanding exactly what you are reading?

Religious leaders were also confused by how Jesus was teaching. They tried to trap Him and ask him very difficult questions. Jesus, of course, had perfect answers to every question. Finally, they hit him with their toughest question yet:

Out of all the Old Testament laws rules, regulations, cultural requirements, relationship rites, and ceremonial circumstances - what is MOST important?

Leaders had debated over this for centuries! Was it the most important to not have idols? To respect your parents? To give money to the temple?

Jesus answers in a surprising way. First, he does not quote any of the 600+ laws in the Old Testament - instead, he goes straight to the heart - Love God and Love People.

THEN, Jesus makes an audacious statement! He says, "All the Law and all the Prophets hang on these two commands." The Law and Prophets is another way of saying, "All of the OLD TESTAMENT." This is the ONE Command that takes care of the REST of the commands!

Jesus made it clear that man was not to serve the Law, the Law was a guide to help man serve God! The ultimate way we serve and love God is by the way we serve and love the people all around us!



What is ONE WAY you can live out the great Commandment this week?

Who is someone you have not been loving well? Maybe it is someone who is very hard for you to love, (That is the person you should love the most this week!).

If Jesus is right, (spoiler alert: He is!), it means that all our religious pomp and circumstance means nothing if we are not loving well. You can dot every religious "i" and cross every churchy "t" and still not be loving God well if you don't love those around you!


Spend some time asking God to reveal the ways you have been practicing religion without loving as Jesus commanded us to. Ask the Holy Spirit to nudge you toward opportunities to express God's love to hurting people around us. Thank Jesus for his ultimate act of love on the cross and let that be a reminder of how we are called to sacrifice as well!


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