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RAP SHEET 6/4/23

Series: Made To____

Sermon: Live With The End In Mind

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:16-20

ICE BREAKER: What is the biggest goal you have for your future right now? How often do you think about it?


This week, we learned about the ONE perspective that will either:

-PUSH you on towards truly BEING the movement we are called to be

-OR, keep you stuck living in the status quo of culture.

This is the perspective that the Apostles all shared, along with other great men and women of faith throughout the centuries. They all knew that to fully fulfill their calling as Jesus Followers, they had to LIVE WITH THE END IN MIND!

This is what we call a "Pilgrim's Perspective" at MetaChurch. Recognizing that this world is not our home and keeping our focus on eternity in our actions, decisions, plans, and goals.

The Western church has become so comfortable in THIS life, that we have taken our eyes off of the next. This has led to the great decline in Christianity we have been witnessing for decades now.

Most believers are living with the mindset of a CHRISTIAN TOURIST.

What are some ways you KNOW someone is a tourist?

What are the things that make being a tourist so much fun?

Our culture is consumed with the endless pursuit of pleasure. We value things by how much pleasure they bring us and devalue things that bring us pain. As Christian tourists we wear the shirts, and buy the book, and maybe attend the services - but the process is about what pleasure we can get out of it, not what we are called to put INTO it.

However, this week we learned that we have a MUCH higher calling. Jesus calls us to shift our perspective and to see this life as an investment in the next. We are given the title "Ambassadors of God" while we are on earth! We have been sent here as representatives of the eternal Kingdom of God!

If there is nothing beyond this life, we may as well live for as much pleasure as possible while we can... BUT, with eternity on the horizon and Heaven, our true home, in front us us - we should invest our lives into building God's kingdom no matter what it takes!


How often do you think about your eternal life?

What would change for you if you kept God's Kingdom in view on a daily basis?

If you are HONEST, are you living more as a Christian Tourist or an Ambassador of God?

What is ONE THING you can do this week to help you LIVE WITH THE END IN MIND?


Spend some time asking the Holy Spirit to help you gain a Pilgrim's Perspective.


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