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RAP SHEET 6/9/24

Series: Stupid In Love

Sermon: Happily Ever... After

Scripture: Genesis 24


This week, we continued our series "Stupid In Love" by addressing marriage and the realities that come with it. While marriage is meant to be a joyful and fulfilling relationship, statistics show many marriages fail due to a lack of understanding and preparation. We examined the story of finding Isaac's wife and explored the importance of building a marriage on a common purpose, compatibility, and confirmation from wise counsel. Isaac had an essential purpose, and he needed to find a wife to help him carry that out. You also have a great purpose from God, which also makes your relationships critical!

Key Points:

1. Common Purpose: Marriages thrive when partners share a common life purpose centered around their faith and values (Genesis 24:1-9).

2. Compatibility: True compatibility goes beyond chemistry. It involves understanding and addressing potential conflicts before they become destructive (Genesis 24:10-19).

3. Confirmation: Seeking confirmation from wise and godly individuals can safeguard a marriage by ensuring both partners are on the right track (Genesis 24:32-51).


If You Are Single:

- Reflect on your life purpose and what you aim to achieve. How can you ensure your future partner shares this purpose?

- Take the time to understand your compatibility with potential partners. Are there areas of conflict that need to be addressed?

- Are you open to honest feedback from wise individuals before making significant relationship decisions? Why or why not?

If You Are Married:

- Discuss the common purpose of your marriage with your spouse. Are there areas where you need to align more closely?

- What are some areas of incompatibility you have found throughout your marriage? What steps have you (or do you need to) take to address them?


Ask God to help you build a marriage based on a common purpose, compatibility, and wise confirmation. Pray for the strength to address conflicts and align your relationship with His will.


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